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Burrell Continues To Sit

As a friend mentioned to me, Pat Burrell is one expensive bench player at $9.5 mil.  Burrell is out of the lineup tonight for the fourth time in five games.  Definitely seems like the Phils are attempting to showcase David Dellucci, who has a .976 OPS in 128 ABs this season (not including the 0-fer tonight).  Dellucci, a left-handed hitter, had an .879 OPS in 435 ABs last year with the Rangers.  As crazy as it sounds, Dellucci might be every bit as productive as Carlos Lee for the remainder of the season. 

Pat Burrell is doing his thing, with an OBP near .380 and a SLG around .500.  He's suffered a power outage in July, however, perhaps because of the sporadic PT.  Burrell is one of the few legitimate above average hitters on the market; a team like the Yankees is in perfect position to acquire him without giving up much besides cash.  He'll make $27MM for 2007-08.  Baseball Prospectus figures him to be worth just $8.5MM during that span.  With the Thome deal as a standard, some team may be able to convince Pat Gillick to take on $10MM of the remaining contract.   


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Brew Crew Ball seems to think another deal will be announced after the game. Any ideas?

David Bell is heading to Milwaukee. Im hoping and praying its Angel Solome heading back to Philly.

Is this worthy of its own post, is the question.

no but this one is-http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/5825796

interesting offer by the Angels.....I ahte to see Santana traded

Salome, not Solome, my bad.

Id say no, since Bell is barely worthy of his own locker. But ill be damned if his little post ASB hot streak didnt net us a prospect of some sort.

I thought I saw in the Carlos Lee article on either fox or ESPN that Anaheim offered Brandon Wood for Lee, but they said Melvin preferred MLB ready talent???? How could you turn down Brandon Wood in exchange for the scrap they got from Texas?

Bell traded to Milwaukee for Wilfrido Laureano, a minor league scrub

Burrell is sitting because Gillick is sending him a message. Pat is "old school" and when you mess with him, he messes back. I'm referring to Burrell saying he will only waive his NTC for the Yanks or Red Sox. If Burrell is still a Phillie on Tuesday, expect him to sit a whole lot between now and season's end.

pat burrel to cubs, eh? anyone?? dam, i really need to be cheered up.

Pat Burrell Walks and don't run, there's no way the Cubs want him ;) they want scrappy guys that run but don't walk (aka can't get on) ... I think the Yankees could send them Bubba Crosby and Miguel Cairo for Derrek Lee!! :P (j/k.. but with how Dusty's running this team it seems real)

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