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Carroll On Twins' Last Minute Soriano Discussions

Via Will Carroll:

"The Twins are in rapid-fire discussions with the Nationals regarding Alfonso Soriano. The offers center around pitching, with Matt Garza and Scott Baker the keys. The Twins offered Jason Kubel in the deal in lieu of Garza, but were rebuffed. I'm told that the Twins have informed Torii Hunter that he's being offered around; his option, if declined, would help "pay for" Soriano."

We should know within minutes what Jim Bowden ultimately settles for with Soriano.  My guess is that the Twins would rather stand pat than part with Garza.  I think Kubel and Baker would be a decent, Major League ready bounty for the impending free agent.


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finally something interesting

Soriano is going somewhere...but where are the other big name guys...Tejada, Schmidt, Lidge, Zito...man what a not so interesting trade deadline.

looks like the Rangers are the only team going out there and making deals to make a run!

Baker - yes. Garza - no. This is simple for the Twins - take it or leave it.


I thought it was almost for sure that Schmidt would get traded

astrosburner is an idiot. this has been one of the best trade seasons in a while.

could it be soriano stays? i can't beleive he's not gone already (and livan or anyone else on the nationals)

if bowden stands pat he's got to be fired. asap.

if i were bowden i would've pulled a marlin. lol. (not that funny, but whatever)

how is soriano not traded?

why am i an idiot??? and how has this been one of the "best" trade seasons? It has been pretty weak considering all of the big name buildup!

we've seen Carlos Lee and Bobby Abreu go....that right there makes this year about 40 times better than last year, when Kyle Farnsworth was the big deal.

I can't believe Bowden didn't take the deal. Did he really think he was going to get Terry Ryan's top pitching prospect for a rental? Didn't he pay attention at all last offseason when everyone and his mother was trying to get Francisco Liriano?

He could have had Baker, Kubel, maybe even Slowey. Instead he's got nothing.


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