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Diamondbacks Trade Rumor: Jake Westbrook

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Diamondbacks are interested in acquiring Jake Westbrook.  The 28 year-old righty is 5th in baseball with a 2.93 groundball/flyball ratio.

The leader, of course, is Brandon Webb at 3.15.  Miguel Batista is also in the top 20.  Perhaps Josh Byrnes plans on assembling a groundball-heavy pitching staff to match up with Orlando Hudson and the rest of his defensively sound infield.

If so, Byrnes could also target Cory Lidle now or in the offseason.  Their reported interest in Dontrelle Willis fits into this agenda as well.  I would guess that a deal for Willis or even Westbrook would require the inclusion of one of their top ten prospects.  Westbrook was last seen in a trade rumor from January, when the Reds expressed interest.


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It'll be interesting to see how things shake out in Cleveland. I was reading an article a few days ago about how the GM under-estimated the talent level and play of the Central. He discussed how he had built a team he thought would be playoff-bound with 89-90 wins not knowing just how strong the Tigers and Sox would be playing.

They obviously need some pitching and I wouldn't be surprised if he trades off a few pieces in order to obtain some major-league ready pitching. That and it's about time they let Marte play. Boone is just a waste of roster space for the Indians. Let Marte get some experience and hope he can handle the ML level.

As a die-hard D'backs fan(9 WHOLE years now) I really think this pipe dream of winning the NL West should really be put to rest. I like Westbrook, and I agree that AZ has NO pitching past Webb, but if it means sending some of arguibly the best prospects for a ok arm, you've got to be kidding me. Need we look any further then the Russ Ortiz experiment? THANK GOD we didn't give anything away for that sack of crap. I would love to see Willis at Chase Field, but at what cost? Instead, I feel it is time to send Green, Gonzo, Tony Clark, and whatever other trade bait we have off to teams in contention to play out the twilight of their careers. I for one will be much more excited to see Carlos Gonzales, Quentin and Drew play out the rest of the season and get their feet wet for next year.

Jman, I don't see it that way at all. The starting pitching has been solid after a bad start. The bullpen still has some questions, but I think with all of the talented young pitching, it wont be as big a problem next year.

Inconsistency and shoddy defense have plagued the team all season, and now the offense is sputtering a bit. But really, it's been a moving target. When the offense has been on, the starters bury us. When the pitchings good, no one can hit. When we play a good game, the bullpen blows it.

I could rant all day about this team. But I really don't think they would deal Westbrook. It's not like we have too many knockout starting prospects waiting in the wings.

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