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Stark: Phils To Package Abreu and Lieber?

ESPN's Jayson Stark has a new lead on the Bobby Abreu discussions: the Phils have begun pitching Abreu and Jon Lieber as a package deal.  Stark says that only the Yankees could consider it, and that the price would actually lessen in this scenario because of all the salary.

Check out the Phils' salary page at Cot's Baseball Contracts; they've got a host of ugly commitments handcuffing Pat Gillick.  Beyond Abreu and Lieber, there are contracts for Pat Burrell, Randy Wolf, Mike Lieberthal, Arthur Rhodes, and Tom Gordon.  In my opinion, if you're going to blow it up, don't half-ass it - gut this team Marlins-style.  Well, not to that extent, but Jimmy Rollins probably is the only high-salary player that should be retained.  And only then because the market for shortstops is weak.   


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It really seems that Pat Gillick is looking more and more like he's playing the cards wrong and losing big time so far. the only thing he's acomplished so far this season.

a.trade Sal Fasano for a bag of peanut

b.dump the usless David Bell for another bag of peanut (though the Brewers are a real head scratcher in this move IMHO.. guess it doesn't hurt that much though.)

To add, I think if the Yankees take both of them (which they could) they probably just throw in two more bag of peanut, and now Gillick look like moron asking for Hughes and Tabata for Abreu and Lester or Hansen for Lieber.

But if he DOESN"T pull it off, he'll have around 15 Million at best to work with in the off season to fill 2 position 2 SP a set up and 2 more RP, there is no way they can fill most of those roles within their farm.. AND they probably need a legit #1 #2 guy sort of SP to boot.

they are the kings of horrid contracts. None of these guys are worth half what they are getting payed.

Not worth half of what they are being paid? Please. Abreu makes 13 million this year, and is 200 times more valuable than Garret Anderson, who is making almost 11 million. The ONLY part of Abreu's game lagging is home runs, and last time I checked, the Yankees already have a few guys who can hit HR. Abreu is an on base machine, and thats what the Yankees covet. Oh, hes also on pace to steal 35 bases this year, score 110 runs, and drive in 105 runs. Yea, hes not even worth 6 million a year.


It doesn't seem clear that the Phillies actually have a strategy. Besides perhaps deciding that they're sellers, and not buyers. If I was a Phillies fan, right now I'd be saying, "what's the future of this franchise?" And then I'd eat a cheesesteak and drink a Yuengling, and think about how this team was so much better when everybody had a moustache.

Gillick has a plan, Im just not sold that its a good one. If we "dump" Abreu, im going to be really pissed. Hes overpaid, but hes still producing much more than some scrub we're likely to aquire in the offseason, like Pedro Feliz. The Phillies are due a ton of raises in the offseason from Rollins, Burrell, Rowand, and Gordon, plus arbitration raises for Utley, Howard and Myers. There wont be a ton of "salary flexibility" even if they trade Abreu, and then how are they going to cheaply fill his spot?

Right now, I hope the one player they keep that they'll probably trade is Dellucci. He could be a good starting OF as long as we limit his AB's against LHP

James, your right that even with Abreu gone the Phillies don't exactly have great salary flexibility.

And yes, Abreu is not the most overpaid player on that team, Randy Wolf is this year.. and in the next two year... Rollin and Burrell.

This is the deep shite Ed Wade put the Phillies in, by signing terrible contracts that defy logic with obvious no long term insight. Pat Gillick got a terrible mess to work with.

However, if you dump Lieber and Abreu right now, at least the Yankees pay you a good chunk of their money this year. which should lessen the strain for next year.

Seeing what the Yankees have though, I'm guessing they'll at best give back something along the line of..

Shawn Chacon + Matt Smith or TJ Beam + a few a baller.

it's a terrible deal in terms of talent, but Gillick's options are limited... he either gets robbed now or get robbed even worse in the off season.

Shawn Chacon can always get the Gatorade for the dugout. Seriously, that's all he can do. But that's a good analysis about the limited options of the team, given the salary structures of the current players they will want to keep.

It's just depressing to compare to more successful teams who seem to be either managing current salaries very well (ChiSox) or preparing very well for the futuer (Indians).

Ive been less than impressed with a lot of Gillick's moves thus far, but im willing to give him a chance at the deadline here. Hes been in this game for 30 years, so for all we know, hes feeding this salary dump line to the media and doesnt plan on doing that at all. He was able to net two prospects and a starting player for Jim Thome, he was horrid last year, had a huge deal, and said he'd only go to 2 teams, one of which had Derek Lee at 1B already. So, im not convinced he cant pull off the same type of deal now. It may involve financial creativity, it may require us parting with another player, but I will give him a few more days before destroying him.

At this point though, id rather just keep Abreu.

Except that Aaron Rowand sucked, the two "prospects" are sucking at AA this year and the Phillies still are paying a ton of Thome's money, if that's the bar of Gillick's trade (which apparently Brian Cashman believes) then you'll be quite dissapointed at what Abreu or other will net.

Say, bruh, peanuts good, bruh! If you can get a bag of goobers for a scrub like David Bell, that's a great haul!

The Phillies are a mess. At least Abreu can bring them a reasonable haul, if they can find a taker for the contract. Shane Victorino looks like a solid replacement, at least in the short term.

Burrell's deal is a lot more of a millstone hanging around their necks. That's a huge deal for someone of his talent level. Good luck trying to dump him, and if he's burning his bridges with Gillick now, that spells major trouble in Philly.

Better ice down a case of the Yuengling to go with the steak wit', mushrooms, a little bit a' mayo, and salt & pepper!

Gonzalez doesnt "suck", he was close to BA's Top 50 overall prospects heading into this year. Hes 20 years old and spending a full season at Reading. The strikeouts are there, he just needs to sharpen his control and keep the ball down. Those things will come with maturity. Haigwood was shipped to the Rangers for Castro, and so far, Haigwood has bombed out with Texas, while Castro (a rule 5 pick) is being protected on the MLB roster. Rowand hasnt been nearly as good this season as his previous two, but I wouldnt be shocked to see him dealt for a piece either now or in the offseason if the team picks up his option.

Still, are any of them worth Jim Thome and 22M?

Abreu and Burrell is in the same spot right now, the good news is they are healthi(er) than Thome, the bad news is that the Phillies are unwilling to pay money this time, all the same as Thome with these two guys you essentially have one team that you can actually deal with (The Yankees.. unless Boston flips Trot Nixon in the 3way or something)

anyone have any idea who the "second tier Yankee prospects" the Phillies are interested in? I read they were looking past Hughes and Tabata..

The Yankee's could probably offer P Matt Smith, P Tyler Clippard, P T.J. Beam, SS Eduardo Nunez, 3B Marcos Vechionacci, 1B Eric Duncan .........

the bell trade was not useless...clearly we need a third baseman of the future and its not nunez, so maybe gillick has a trade for a third baseman on the horizon, and he needed to move bell to make room

Phillies 3B of the future.... Eric "I was once an untouchable" Duncan. And Abreu + Lieber end up in navy pinstripes. C'mon Gillick..do it. Do it.

Rollins is not overpayed. He is a better bat and a better glove than Rafael Furcal who is making double what Rollins will be paid.


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