Trade Rumor Roundup: 3 Days Left

Here’s the latest Trade Rumor Roundup.

Word is that TV broadcasts picked up Jerry Krause working the radar gun in Wednesday night’s Royals-Orioles game.  The former Chicago Bulls GM currently works for the Mets.  That particular ballgame included work by LaTroy Hawkins, Andy Sisco, and Jeremy Affeldt, all of whom could interest New York.

Buster Olney mentions in his blog today that Greg Maddux could go to the Brewers, Dodgers, or Padres.  The Chicago Tribune says the Mets are an option as well.  The Daily Southtown adds the Giants to the list.

Olney also indicated that the D-Rays and Blue Jays have been struggling to come to an agreement for Julio Lugo.

According to the Globe and Mail, the Blue Jays may have some interest in Rodrigo Lopez and Tony Armas, Jr.  J.P. Ricciardi inquired about Mark Redman, but didn’t get a callback.

Capitol Punishment: not big fans of Jim Bowden.  Blogger Chris Needham’s thoughts on Soriano:  "Man, we’re going to miss him. Trading him is like being grounded by your parents. It sucks at the time, but a few years later, you realize that, gee, maybe your parents were right."

AllCubs discusses Five Reasons to Get A-Rod…and Five Reasons Not To.

A Phillies fan says goodbye to Sal Fasano.

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