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More On Andruw Jones and Waivers

A couple of columns shed light on the Andruw Jones situation recently.  As you know, Jones was placed on waivers, claimed, and pulled back.  Andruw called the whole affair "rude." 

According to Ken Rosenthal:

"The Braves routinely put their entire roster on waivers in August, trying to mask their intentions with the two or three players they might want to trade.

Thus, Jones likely has been on waivers every year of his 10-year career. And even though he reportedly was claimed by an undisclosed club, the Braves still couldn't have traded him without his permission, according to major-league sources."

And then there's the matter of which team was awarded the claim.  Speculation that it was an NL Central team has proven true, according to Will Carroll.  Carroll tells us the Astros were awarded the claim.  Well-regarded pitching prospect Troy Patton is not on Houston's 40-man roster, so the Astros wouldn't have had to pass him through waivers in a deal.


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Hey Roto, 2 quick questions...

1st, Today Rosenthal said he thinks the Rangers will trade Teixeira if they sign Lee. Who is going to be in need of a good 1B next year with the talent to give up to get him?

2nd, The the heck will the Dodgers do when Nomar comes back??? Kent, Nomar, Lugo, Betemit, Furcal. Will they just rotate Kent, Betemit, and Nomar to keep the two "old men" healthy? I can't see them trying to waiver anyone through for a trade.

If the Rangers do indeed trade Texeira, that would be one of the dumbest moves made in baseball in the past 10 years. They would be giving up a switch hitting power bat, those are very rare. Anyway, if they do trade him, I bet the Astros would take him and give up Lidge.

I really don't think that Houston and Texas will make a blockbuster. They hate each other. Its like Mets/Yanks. They'll never make a trade no matter how much sense it makes. Neither would want to be the "loser" in the trade and get played by the media. I was thinking Atlanta could use him, or maybe a team like the Dodgers.

What are you talking about? Atlanta doesn't need Teixiera. LaRoche is one of the most underrated firstbasemen in baseball. LaRoche is probably the best defensive firstbaseman in the NL, and is also hitting around .270 with 23 HRs and 64 RBIs.

Texas and Houston don't hate each other, their fans do. It is like when you hear about this huge rivalry between the NY teams and how they hate eachother, and then you see David Wright and Derek Jeter joking around. Fans blow this stuff out of proportion.

was, so true

was385, so true

Sorry was385-get your head out of your Atlanta Braves' hole. Derek Lee is the best defensive 1B in the NL.

1) trading Texeira would only signal to me that TX can't afford both Lee and Texeria's salary which will jump in arbitration years (I don't think he did or will sign cheap).

2) If Texeira is put on the trading block EVERYONE will make a bid, especially those with higher salaries. Even the Yanks who are already facing a possible logjam. Maybe with the exceptions of the Mets (unless Texeria will go to the outfield) or the ChiSox (again unless Texeria goes to the outfield).

3) While Texeria on the trading block would instantly signal an exciting offseason and hell I'd love the Red Sox to offer a good chunk of the farm for him. I don't expect him to go anywhere until he reaches free agency years.

" I bet the Astros would take him and give up Lidge."

Yeah, I sure bet they would...

I think the tigers should of made a run at jones. He would put a big bat in there line-up and also improve the defense whether he played center (move graderson to left) or left.

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