More On Andruw Jones and Waivers

A couple of columns shed light on the Andruw Jones situation recently.  As you know, Jones was placed on waivers, claimed, and pulled back.  Andruw called the whole affair "rude." 

According to Ken Rosenthal:

"The Braves routinely put their entire roster on waivers in August, trying to mask their intentions with the two or three players they might want to trade.

Thus, Jones likely has been on waivers every year of his 10-year career. And even though he reportedly was claimed by an undisclosed club, the Braves still couldn’t have traded him without his permission, according to major-league sources."

And then there’s the matter of which team was awarded the claim.  Speculation that it was an NL Central team has proven true, according to Will Carroll.  Carroll tells us the Astros were awarded the claim.  Well-regarded pitching prospect Troy Patton is not on Houston’s 40-man roster, so the Astros wouldn’t have had to pass him through waivers in a deal.

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