Phillies Acquire Jamie Moyer

Found via RotoWorld, FSN West is reporting that the Phillies have traded for 43 year-old southpaw Jamie Moyer.

In 25 starts this year, Moyer’s been just about league average.  He makes about $6.5MM this year and has been a Mariner since 1996.  Last year, Moyer used his no-trade rights to block trades to Houston and Atlanta at the trading deadline.

The changeup artist has remained effective into his early 40s.  Here and there, he’s been stricken by home run problems.  He’s given up a lot this year while playing half his games in a ballpark that’s neutral for home runs.  Safeco does deflate right-handed homers by 12%, though, and Moyer is a southpaw.  Citizens Bank Park inflates home runs by 21% overall, 20% for righthanders.

The Phillies are fourth in the wild card standings, 2.5 games behind the Reds.

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