Waiver Trade Candidate: Randy Wolf

Phillies’ southpaw starter Randy Wolf makes $9MM this year in the last of a four-year deal.  This makes him an ideal candidate for a waiver trade before August 31st.

Wolf turns 30 this month.  He made his first start since June 12, 2005 last Sunday due to Tommy John surgery.  His return was also delayed a bit because of a broken hand bone from a line drive.  As you would expect with a recent Tommy John guy, Wolf’s control was lacking in his ’06 debut.  He probably won’t get his walks down to below 3 per nine innings until 2007.  For what it’s worth, Wolf says his arm feels "incredible" now.  His velocity still hasn’t fully returned despite 25 rehab innings.

Still, like Kip Wells, Wolf could be a helpful addition as a fifth starter for a contender.  His next few starts (against the Mets and Braves) will be crucial in building up some trade value.  Teams like the Red Sox, A’s, Braves, and Reds could have interest in Wolf assuming they are still in contention in a few weeks.

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