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Julio Lugo Considering Mets

Word comes today from the New York Post that free agent infielder Julio Lugo grew up a Mets fan and will "definitely" consider the club if they're interested.  He's open to second base or shortstop for his new team.

Last year, Lugo's age 29 season, looked like a career year for the shortstop.  He hit .295/.362/.403 and was the fifth best shortstop in baseball according to Baseball Prospectus.  This season, in an injury-shortened 72 games with the Devil Rays, Lugo hit .308/.373/.498.  All three marks are career bests.

At the trading deadline, the Dodgers sent promising young prosect Joel Guzman to the Devil Rays for Lugo.  Lugo's been a terrible hitter for L.A. while playing 2B, 3B, and even a little OF.  It was a curious trade for Los Angeles. 

As the easy choice for the best shortstop on the market, Lugo should command upwards of four years and $40MM.  It would be surprising to see the Mets pay that kind of money for a second baseman, so Lugo would probably have to give a hometown discount to become a Met.  Several teams are going to entertain the possibility of Lugo as their next shortstop.  Possibilities include the Red Sox, Blue Jays, White Sox, and Reds.  The smart money is on the Red Sox or Jays.

There was some ugliness involving Lugo and his wife in 2003.  The Astros instantly demoted Lugo after he reportedly assaulted his wife.  He was later found innocent after Mabely Lugo changed her story.   


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*It would be surprising to see the Mets pay that kind of money for a second baseman.*

You think?

I could see a three year deal, maybe a fourth year option, around 22-25M. I doubt the Mets would go much higher than 8M per. Kaz Matsui got that kind of money and he was supposed to be a superstar SS. Lugo isn't. The Mets aren't desperate. This is Lugo's last chance at a decent payday. I say money talks and he goes to the Red Sox, who will likely overpay for his services and regret doing so.

Roto, could you see Carl Crawford being traded in the near future?

I agree about the Red Sox, though the Jays could outbid and the Sox could use Pedroia or someone. If they could handle the media pressure.

Crawford, I think sticks around in TB. I don't know why. Just a feeling.

*Crawford, I think sticks around in TB. I don't know why. Just a feeling.*
Even with all the OF talent they have? Perhaps they could use some pitching in return for Crawford...

Look, it's a fantasy of mine to have Crawford and Reyes batting at the top of the Met lineup. Don't take that away from me! ;)

How much payroll can the Mets add this offseason. They are shedding Floyd and Trachsel (anyone else?). It appears they need to add a corner outfielder, starting pitcher, and 2nd baseman.

Any predictions?

(2006 Salary):

1. Orlando Hernandez - 4M
2. Victor Zambrano - 3M
3. Steve Trachsel - 2.5M
4. Tom Glavine - 10.5M
(Notice a trend?)
5. Kaz Matsui - 8M
6. Floyd - 6.5M

They'll have money. It's about spending that money WISELY.

One thing to remember about the Jays is they don't forsure need a Shortstop. Aaron Hill is a SS playing second Currently. I think it would be much smarter for them to go after a loretta or someone like that before Lugo. Unless they got a really good deal, I wouldn't be suprized if they give Russ Adams another shot at 2nd base also. I think the Jays will be lookin for Pitching and possibly a DH/OFer. before they consider Lugo.

Loretta would be a great fit for Toronto, I like that idea a lot. I think the Sox are going to offer him arbitration though so they get a pick for him. I think he is an A-level compensation FA, not sure if the Jays would give up a 1st round pick for him. I think the Sox are going to get stuck the way they did with Graffanino.

Julio Lugo could get as much as $12 million a year. People keep forgetting that a lot of teams have a lot of money to spend this year and no one wants to go home empty-handed. $8 million a year? Ha ha ha.

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