Sherman: Carl Crawford Available

As you may have seen, Joel Sherman’s latest article mentions that the D-Rays will "dangle" Carl Crawford in return for a top starting pitching prospect.  Sherman goes on to mention that TB would also explore trading Rocco Baldelli or – gasp – Delmon Young.

Given Young’s off-the-chart talent and future, I can’t see how this is feasible.  Crawford makes a sense though, as he’s relatively well-paid and proven.  But aside from Mr. Kazmir, how often do you see top-shelf pitching prospects moved?  Here are some names: Scott Elbert, Homer Bailey, Philip Hughes, Jason Hirsh, Nick Adenhart, Humberto Sanchez, Donald Veal.  Do you see any of these guys being traded?  Apparently, that’s what it would take to land Crawford.

Exchanging outfield talent for an equally good starting pitcher makes all sorts of sense for the Rays.  And Crawford is signed at a good price through 2010.  Would Tim Purpura trade Hirsh or Troy Patton to snag Crawford, a Houston native?  Just one of many interesting subplots to follow this winter.  Sherman also mentions the Rockies, Dodgers, and Angels as suitors.  The White Sox have shown interest in the past as well. 

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