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2007 New York Yankees

Yankee fans have been emailing me for a 2007 Team Outlook.  There's not a lot for me to figure out here because the Yanks don't have many openings.  But here we go.

Brian Cashman's contract obligations:

C - Jorge Posada - $12MM
C -
1B - Gary Sheffield - $8MM ($5MM deferred)
2B - Robinson Cano - $0.381MM
SS - Derek Jeter - $20MM
3B - Alex Rodriguez - $16MM
IF - Andy Phillips - $0.38MM
IF -
LF - Hideki Matsui - $13MM
CF - Johnny Damon - $13MM
RF - Bobby Abreu - $15MM
OF - Melky Cabrera - $0.38MM
DH - Jason Giambi - $21MM

SP -
SP - Randy Johnson - $14.5MM
SP - Chien-Ming Wang - $0.38MM
SP - Jaret Wright - $7MM (player option)
SP - Philip Hughes - $0.38MM
SP - Carl Pavano - $10MM

RP - Mariano Rivera - $10.5MM
RP - Kyle Farnsworth - $5.25MM
RP - Mike Myers - $1.25MM
RP - Scott Proctor - $0.38MM
RP - Brian Bruney - $0.38MM
RP -

SP - Mike Mussina - $1.5MM

Payroll stands at roughly $176MM.  The Yankees entered '06 at $194MM.

2007 could be Posada's last season as a Yankee.  Or not.  He had a resurgence at age 34, hitting .278/.375/.494 and playing 142 games.  If Cashman were to let Posada walk perhaps Michael Barrett would be signed.  Anyway, the Yanks will need to find a backup this winter, maybe someone like Todd Pratt or Henry Blanco.

We all know Sheff doesn't want to play first base in 2007 unless he gets a three-year extension.  Will this play out like Alfonso Soriano's position change last year?  Any threat to retire may ring hollow as Sheffield needs just 45 HRs for 500.  The trade market for Sheffield seems strong despite his whining, as possible .900 OPS outfielders on one-year deals don't grow on trees.  The Cubs should offer Bob Howry and/or Scott Eyre and a decent prospect and try to get something done.  If they do trade Sheffield, the Yankees can try some patchwork solutions at first base, as their offense can stand it.

We've also got a possible situation with A-Rod.  Scott Boras is adamant that Rodriguez will not be traded, and of course the player has veto power here.  Given Boras's profession and reputation, everyone is taking that assertion with a grain of salt.  If Rodriguez is dealt, I really don't see him moving back to shortstop.  The White Sox seem like the best fit, as they can offer Joe Crede and a starter.  That starter won't be an ex-Yankee, which leaves only Mark Buehrle or Freddy Garcia.   

Miguel Cairo or someone similar will be signed to back up Jeter and Cano. 

The Yanks have an outfield surplus, with promising 22 year-old Melky Cabrera serving as the fourth.  He had a strong rookie showing in '06; it's a shame he won't be playing full-time in '07.  Cashman could use Cabrera to acquire a starter, but why not just hang onto him for right field in '08?  The retention of Hughes this summer may indicate a willingness to break in some young guys.

It seems likely that Mussina will work something out with Cashman after his option is bought out.  That'll leave the rotation with three or four solid options, but perhaps not a shut-down ace.  If Cashman's scouts think Daisuke Matsuzaka is that ace, I can't see how he lands anywhere else.  Yes, they were burned by Hideki Irabu - but these are two completely different pitchers.

20 year-old Philip Hughes posted sick numbers in Double A and will probably be up before June.  He may be the best pitching prospect in the game - this time, the New York hype is justified.   

Someone's going to have to replace Ron Villone's 80 innings in the bullpen.  Could be Darren Oliver or even another go-round with Mike Stanton.  I'm pretty sure one overpaid veteran reliever will be imported. 

Plenty of offseason drama as usual with the Yankees.  Best guess is that Sheffield goes and A-Rod stays.  Sheff is used to acquire a good reliever.  Mussina comes back and the Yankees win the Matsuzaka derby.  With Matsuzaka and Hughes fronting the rotation this summer, the Yankees could be World Series favorites. 


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*20 year-old Philip Hughes posted sick numbers in Double A and will probably be up before June. He may be the best pitching prospect in the game - this time, the New York hype is justified.*

He's a great kid. I've traded baseball cards with him a few times. He's got some nice stuff... a Jose Reyes RC I have my eyes on.

I could see a trade of Sheffield to the cubs for Howry and maybe Prior if the Yanks throw in Cash and/or some prospects. Would the cubs bite on the you think???

Also I think Chris Shelton could be a good option. It seems like Detroit has no interest in him anymore and he was very good in the field in his time up. The Yankees need a good fielding first baseman who can hit like 20 homers a year.

Nice. I bought a Kerry Wood RC before he started playing and mailed it to him for an autograph. Then 1998 came and it shot up to like $40 and I was pissed because my card hadn't come back.

Several YEARS later an envelope with my own handwriting came in the mail. It was the card, autographed. I will always like Kerry Wood for that.

Sweet. Most prospects are really nice about signing stuff, but none has ever sent back a photo with a Futures jersey and the card I traded them.


Funny, he's just a kid like us but he's gonna be staring down Papi in Fenway this year.

The cubs have nothing for pitching, howry and eyre were the only 2 non shaky pitchers out of the pen last year. Why make that trade when they can get soriano for the same money without giving anything up out of the pen.

In regards to A-Rod going to the White Sox, I was under the impression that Ozzie hated A-Rod. What effect, if any, would that have on a potential deal.

y cant an easy Matsui and Pavano (with cash) trade for Sexson and R.Soriano solve everyones problems. Its open position that b easily filled by both team. Bring another jappanses superstar 2 seatle 2 keep iricho happy and it brings a better firstbase than andy philps 2 the yanks.

Because Pavano has no value whatsoever.

And also because Matsui brings in so much money in Japanese revenue. Trading Matsui isnt as simple as trading talent

That sure solves Seattle's problem. That trade Seattle gives out a great defensive 1B capable of 40-50 HRs, with NO ONE with his caliber to replace him, AND Seattle gives the Yanks a CHEAP top notch 100mph setup man for Rivera??!!

For what?! Pavano who is totally worthless, and questionable to even pitch in 2007, and Matsui who's defense is laughable in LF?

For that trade the Yanks would have to GIVE us Matsui & Pavano for FREE, and THEN pay ALL of Sexson's contract...

Ain't Happenin!

Seattle has the best bullpen & defense in MLB! Our rotation totally sucks, why would Seattle want Pavano??!!

The Yanks have competition on their hands with Seattle and Matsuzaka! AND Schmidt has already made it publicly known that he wants to play for Seattle...his hometown.

AND Seattle has around $36M to spend this offseason...NOT COUNTING their int'l fund that they use for posting fees that DOESNT go against their annual player budget!

You mentioned Matsui in Seattle, because he brings in so much Japanese revenue?! Not as much as Seattle has already brought in with Ichiro, and now Johjima. AND when Seattle wins the posting fee with Matsuzaka & Igawa BOTH...let the Japanese Yen come flooding into Seattle!

Seattle doesn't need Matsui & Pavano! Seattle will have the BIGGEST FA splash in history...Yes over the Beltre/Sexson signing a few years ago:

1) Jason Schmidt - 4yr $44M
2) Matsuzaka
3) Igawa
4) Bonds as DH - $13M

And yes watch even Seattle land Bonds for their potent power LHB as their DH.

Sexson & Beltre aren't going anywhere, because that would admit Bavasi as a failure...and he's already on the hotseat in 2007, along with Hargrove, Armstrong, & Lincoln!!!

And by the way, Seattle currently has the youngest team in all of MLB..."even if" they sign Bonds!

when u have only 3 starting pitchers on ur team (washborn, Frenadez and Chick) y not take the risk on a guy who has a year left on a contract and is only 2 yr removed from 18 win season. The yankees were doing just fine b4 they had the japanses revenue and they still one of the most watch if not the most watch even after they make this trade. u cant let ecomics rule ur team.

if seatle has all that money they will sign soriano with ease. dont u think? u think gm wont fix his team just 2 prove he wasnt wrong? if its like that the reason hes getting fired.

Why not just sign Schmidt to a 4yr $44M contract, which would be $1M more than what Pavano makes in 2007.

After the posting fee Igawa is projected to only get a $3M contract, and probably a minimum of 3yrs.

After the posting fee theres been tons of hype on Matsuzaka's contract, since acquiring Boras as his agent. But if Seattle has to dish out $30M for a posting fee, you can bet Seattle ain't gonna settle for a 3yr contract with DM. Some realistic projections for his 2007 salary are $6.5M.

Why take Pavano when I'm expecting Seattle to have this kind of 2007 rotation:

1. Schmidt
2. Matsuzaka
3. Igawa
4. Felix
5. Washburn

That would be the best rotation in MLB! AND if Schmidt makes $11M, Matsuzaka $6.5M, Igawa $3M...

That still gives Seattle enough money to go sign a soriano or Bonds type hitter for either their DH or RF!

I can't see the Tigers taking Sheffield, it doesn't make much sense, suerly Sheff isn't going to replace Magglio, and while he is better than Monroe and Thames .. what they really need is a lefty anyway. Abreu / Giambi would make much more sense for them from ability point of view, but their contract doesn't.

Cubs might make ok sense. I suppose they could move Murton to CF and give back a good reliever or prospects ( i doubt they can get Soto for him though, that would be one guy that Yankees would abosalutely love . young Catching prospect pretty much ready)

A team that might make even more sense would be the Astros, whom also can't hit for a lick, and their park effect suits the hard pulling righty Sheff perfectly . though the problem is that the Astros simply don't have much to offer at this point. I suppose Brad Lidge might be an interesting option though.

A A-rod trade would be really fun to speculate, but in the end the Yankees simply don't have the need to trade him. and the risk of trading him is huge. if they are though, I would think the Dodgers make by far the most sense. Andy Laroche / Brad Penny/ one of Chad Billingsly or Hong Chih Kuo/ and a solid prospect and/or bench guy like Toby Hall makes a ton of sense. but again the risk is huge.

the Yankee off season is going to be interesting, they could do nothing and still walk away with the AL east really, and if this year shows anythign it's that all you could do is put out a great team and make the playoffs, anything after that is a lot of luck and circustances.

They could do nothing and they could do everything, either way alot more drama from NY to fill the boring off season i guess :P

Ms ain't gettin' both Schmidt and Matsuzaka.

Drwheelock that was the funniest post I have ever seen.

I guarantee you that Schmidt gets more than $11 million per year.

Matsuzaka is going to get more than $6.5 mil per year even after a $30 mil posting fee. If zito is going to ask for almost $15 mil, then matsuzaka is going to ask for at least $10 mil per year if not the same $15 mil per year. He is only 26.

Bonds isn't going to Seattle either.

Now on to the Yankees. Matsui is not getting dealt. Why would they do that? He hits over 300 with at least 25hrs/100rbis, is a clutch hitter and brings in so much japanese revenue.

Sheffield will be dealt to fill a hole or bring in prospects for the future. But not for some crappy cub relievers. I think the Cubs, Angels, Stros, Indians as the possible destinations.

Arod wont be dealt.

Hughes wont start the season in the rotation but will probably be up by mid-year.

Mussina will be back with a 2 year deal with an option for the 3rd year.

They will keep Wright for $7 million instead of buying him out for $4 mil.

Isn't Wright's option a player option?

Bulsworth, you are calling howry and eyre crappy relievers?

Wright's option is a team option. Since he was on the DL more than the agreed upon amount, the Yankees can either keep him for $7 mil or buy him out for $4 mil.

It wasn't an attack on those relievers, it was more me saying that Sheffield can bring a lot more than those relievers. We all know that relievers are a crap shoot from year to year.

How many 30 something third batter does a team really need? when does the quest 4 the ultimate offense makes ur team so unbalanced it compltly stuns ur teams chance of a world series. The yankees r a better team with melky than matsui cuz melky might just hit 20 points less than matsui but he going 2 give 10 more steals and 5 more range than matsui but that is going way farther than the 15 extra 9th innning hits matsui is going 2 give. the yank r better off with out him and tag him with junk that still might have lifem( pavano, wright, giambi...u name him its a yankke). The M's will b lucky if they ever get offered this cuz by nov.2 there going 2 b out of the bidding 4 Matsuzaka and igawa will b on another team ( dodgers, Brave or Cubs). so save ur money on schimdtty boy cuz he ur only real chance of an ace. Soriano doesnt want 2 b in seatle he loves the spot light and lets b honest the light doesnt reach seatle. Bonds is packig up and heading east 2 go where contenders play He hates the west and the west hates him.

If the Yankees get Matsuzaka it will be irrefutable proof that there is no such thing as God, Karma, or any fairness in the universe.

Seriously, Selig should just throw the Yankees offer in the garbage when he gets it. Sending him there would be bad for baseball.


Nice work in perpetuating all the negative stereotypes about Yankees fans.

2007 becomes a player option if Wright is not on the disabled list for 75 days or more with a pitching-related shoulder injury 05-06.

2007 becomes a club option with a $4M buyout if Wright is on the disabled list for more than 75 days with a pitching-related shoulder injury 05-06.

That I knew, but hadn't realized that he spent 75 days on the DL with shoulder probs in '05. But he did.

Well what are you expecting the yankees to get for a 37 year old player with crappy defense that mised 2/3 of last season.

y u got 2 b happy 4 or any forign star 2 b on the covarge the yankees bring. im glad 4 the leaugue and the kid. u cant hate on any team that plays by the rules. No matter how much they belittle the rest of the team.

How do we have to be happy? I will be happy when the yankees payroll reaches 250 million and they dont even make the playoff's.

cuz the kid will b widely recognized b everyone. How much would it suck if he went 2 pittsburgh, kanas city, seatle. noboby would here about the guy til the alstar comes ups. it happen johima and ichro after the third season.

I figured I would just write something to prove that some Yankee fans can construct a sentence and think logically.

I think the Yankees will make a real strong puch at Matsuzaka but I have a feeling the Rangers will make a huge offer and outbid everyone for him. They need pitching and Hicks knows how to spend. I expect the Yankees to get a couple good players for Sheffield, no stars just solid guys. The return isnt as important as being able to choose where he goes. I could see the cubs or astros for either Howry and Prior or Lidge and a prospect. At this point though I would trade him for anything just as long as the team is in the NL.

The Yankees have seemed to finally realize that the way to win is to build from within as was evident by Cashman's reluctance to trade the young guys. One trade I would like to see happen is Giambi. I think he is the definition of the Yanks issues, hes old unatheletic and getting worse. He had a good year so he still has some value. I would love to ship him and a whole bunch of money to the Tigers for something like Shelton, Rodney and a young pitcher (mabye Robertson or one of the minor leaguers).

This could be a real active offseason for the Yanks but there is also a chance they do nothing. The only real need is another starter and a good fielding first baseman.

In regards to Villone's spot I think Sean Henn may be able to plug that hole. He is a lefty who used to start and he throws fairly hard. He was a bust as a starter but as a reliever I think he could be solid.

"That I knew, but hadn't realized that he spent 75 days on the DL with shoulder probs in '05. But he did."
I figured as much. Wright was hurt a LOT in 2005.

Yankees r stuck with giambi 4 life, no matter what nobobyys want 20 million that hits .250 with 35 hrs and cant evn take the field.

Russell you are a fucking idiot, I'm surprised you even spelled your name right. Learn how to write a sentence.

I dont have a big problem with Giambi. He's not a good 1b, but his hitting (113 hits, 113 rbi!) more than makes up for his glovework. He's having wrist surgery this winter, so hopefully he'll have an even better year in 07.

As for trading Sheff, anything we get is gravy. We didn't have him but for 39 games this year, and still won the division by double-digits. The biggest need, as evidenced by the LDS loss, is starting pitching. Wang is great, Mussina is still solid, but after that it's pretty bad. Hopefully by mid 07 the rotation is: Wang, Matsuzaka, Mussina, Hughes, Clippard/Karstens/Rasner/Pavano/Wright. My idea is to move Randy to the pen where he can let it go and hit 98 mph, and would be the ultimate lefty RP. Since I doubt this will happen, Sean Henn could fill in admirably for Villone. Depending on Cox's year, Farnsworth could be traded, and he could bring back value.

I dont have a problem trading Arod, as long as we get fair value in return. Even if we don't get a 3b, Cano could be moved there, as he played it primarily in the minors.

It's good to see Cash is hanging onto the good, young prospects, e.g. Hughes, Tabata, Clippard, Cox.

I'm pretty sure English isn't his first language... if that's the case, give the guy a break. I'm sure most of us would seem pretty illiterate on most foreign boards.

Grant and youalreadyknow im just so pleased and pleasntly delighted about the fact you care more about the way I write then message I'm trying to send across but if you want to bad-mouth my writting you can can do it on another blog that has nothing to do with baseball. So if you have nothing important to say shove up your ass.

If that's the case I apologize, but in any case it's in one's best interest to use proper English. I'm sure the man must know that 'to' should not be written '2' unless we are talking about numbers.

Anyways I know that everyone here has a right to write however they like, but it gives you zero credibility if you can't form a sentence properly.

This isnt english class. Its baseball. we talk about about to( i put that 2 just 4 u) escape our proper english and bs. Its suppose to be fun arguing over "ifs" and "whats" about things that will never happen. Im not wriiting the the "column" im wrinting the "comment" i take 30 secs writting this.

I have to say Russell that it's really annoying to read the things you write with the 2s and 4s and all the other stuff. It's not english class, true, but you do lose credibility and it doesn't take that much longer to not write like a 13 year old girl.

I will see what I can do with a spell check to keep the boss happy.

It is true that Russell's run-on sentences and numbers-for-text BS is annoying.

But really, his comments are idiotic enough to garner criticism regardless of grammar and spelling.

Combined, it is just really, really bad.

Its unfortunate, because lots of other people have interesting stuff to say on this blog.

This isn't English class yes, but a comment should still be written so it is at least not a pain for other people to read.

I'm not sure what the Yankees can get with Sheffield. it's hard to speculate. at this point i think 2 solid relievers and/or bench players/prospects would do. but more or less is certiainly far within the realm of possiblity. of course, him going crazy and the Yankees end up keeping him or he retires or some other crazy shite is certainly possible too

As for Melky Cabrera, a team like the Yankees certainly have the luxury and ability to plan for the worse. he might be better than this year and end up being a solid replacement in RF by 08 or 09, but he might also regress... his defense is certainly better than Matsui's but at least at this point to think he is better than Matsui overall is a vast overstatement. his base running is a plus, but 10-15 SB is not even close to the value of 10-15 HR, which is what Matsui will probably out hit him by.

at this point, I think the most optimistic prediction for Melky Cabrera next year would be .300/.380/.410 ish number 13HR, 15SB. , which is solid and exellent for a 22-23 year old second year player, but hardly above pedestrian level for a major league LF.

To be honest, as a Yankee fan that watched most of the game this season, the team this year was good, it was fun and exciting and felt much much better than the last couple of years. (espically last year when we basically made the playoff on the magic carpets of Aaron Small and Shawn Chacon)

I think they'll make a bid on Matsuzaka, not quite sure if they'll land him though, the gut feeling is that some other team will be crazy enough to make an outrages 30M + bid for him.

I thought we all agree that I stop using numbers but why dont we just talk about baseball. lets here about your opninon Jerry? What do you feel about sheff 4 idians R.Betancourt?

The Yankees absolutely NEED Matzusaka. They should (and probably will) spend whatever it takes to get him to NYC in pinstripes. I shudder to think of the present and future in store for the rest of baseball if the Yankees manage to lock up Matzusaka, keep Wang and Hughes pans out as promised.

As for the other stuff, I think A-Rod and Matsui will both stay put, but I doubt Sheffield will be back and I don't think they'll get anything of consequence in return.

Here is a question for curiousity. If the yankees do miss out on the top starting pitchers in the market.

Matzusaka's posting gets outbid by KC or Seattle. (I would enjoy seeing him end up on KC I think they will have a good team in 2-3 years time).

Zito ends up with the SD,LAD, NYM, etc.

Even Schmidt ends up with the Red Sox like it has been rumored often.

Will George go off and move Hughes and Tabata for a young Ace pitcher?

Obviously sheffield, Giambi do not have the value to pull in a pitcher of that caliber. Assuming Arod is indeed not for trade they really need to pull into the minors and trade some of their recently acquired talents there to move for a top quality starter (peavy, zambrano, willis, bonderman, etc etc).

Would Cashman/George actually do that?

I think Cashman would stay put if he missed out on all the pitchers. I doubt it would happen, Cashman knows he needs pitching so he won't end up empty handed. If they do miss out on all the top names I could see him signing two guys from this list and hoping they perform:
Vincente Padilla
Gil Meche
Ted Lilly
Tony Armas Jr
Andy Pettite
Mark Redman

The Yankees also have a decent amount of young pitchers, only Hughes profiles as a top of the rotation type pitcher but if need be Karstens, Rasner, Steven White, and Tyler Clippard could fill out a rotation decent enough.

"The Yankees absolutely NEED Matzusaka. They should (and probably will) spend whatever it takes to get him to NYC in pinstripes. I shudder to think of the present and future in store for the rest of baseball if the Yankees manage to lock up Matzusaka, keep Wang and Hughes pans out as promised."

I fail to see how stockpiling a rotation that is so dominant that it makes you "shudder" for the rest of baseball establishes a "NEED" for Matsuzaka in Yankeeland. A serviceable rotation is a NEED. In the Yankees case, a highly competitive rotation is actually a business NEED. But since when is an all-out monopoly a NEED?

Is this that whole "The Yankees must put together the best team because we've been spoiled the last decade" mentality?

The Yankees need to figure out that a down year may be a good thing in the long run. It shows you what you really need and then obviously they can go out and get that. Pitching is what they need. When is the last time they spent money on a starter below the age of 35.

Actually, the last time was last year, with those aces named Pavano and Wright. That didn't turn out so well.

Matsuzaka makes the most sense. He's just 26 and is the ace of Japan.

Here's my take. Yanks will do whatever it takes to sign Matsuzaka, since that will be their only major signing of the winter (Cashman is justly devoted to the young guys we have in our system instead of picking up more has-been “superstars” which obviously hasn’t worked out). They'll also turn down Mussina's 17mil "option" but end up resigning him to a one year $10 million dollar deal. By the all-star break, I expect the Yankee rotation to be very solid with: Matsuzaka, Wang, Hughes, Mussina and Johnson. Arod ain't going anywhere. Now that Cashman's firmly in control, he'll cut out the cancers paying half of Pavano's salary and deal him with Sheff to the Cubs to obtain Posada's future replacement Geovany Soto (who can be groomed under Posada's tutelage in 2007). Wright will be bought out and jettisoned to make room for the rookies. The end of the rotation (until Hughes comes up) and the back end of the bullpen can be filled ably by youngsters Karstens, Clippard and Rasner (the development of those three will be pivotal as they project to take over as #4 and #5 for Mussina's & Johnson's in 2008). Looks like Melky is the 4th outfielder because Matsui ain't going anywhere, but Joe will get Melky plenty of at bats by sometimes rotating the outfielders to DH for a day (or resting them). I'd love to see Randy Johnson moved into the bullpen as a power lefty, but I don't see it happening (RJ won't allow it). Cashman will therefore pick up a decent Lefty. My choice would be free agent Jamie Walker who’s been very tough on lefties or sinkerballer Steve Kline. Getting a decent defensive first baseman who can also hit is a priority, since for everyone's sake Giambi should be relegated to DH. A few who come to mind are free agents Sean Casey or Mark DeRosa. If he becomes a free agent, I’d also like to bring in veteran Jeff Conine as a multi-positional veteran who would be the backup 1st baseman/power bat off the bench. Keep Phillips as the backup first baseman. Also, we need a speed burning pinch runner off the bench and Dave Roberts (OBO's friend) is available and one of the best if you can convince him to be a bench player. (Multi-talented Frankie Catalanatto would also be a wonderful signing, but I don’t see him settling for being a bench player). Cairo should probably be brought back as a utility infielder. Trade Myers and Phillips for prospects. Das it!

Here ya go . . .

Starting Lineup:
1.Catcher: Posada
2. 1st: Sean Casey or Mark DeRosa
3. 2nd: Cano
4. SS: Jeter
5. 3rd: Arod
6. LF: Matsui
7. CF: Damon
8. RF: Abreu
9. DH: Giambi

Starting Rotation:
10. # 1 Matsuzaka
11. #2 Wang
12. #3 Mussina
13. #4 Johnson
14. #5 Karstens

15. Closer: MO
16. Setup: Farnsworth
17. RP: Proctor
18. LeftyRP: Jamie Walker or Steve Kline
19. RP: Bruney
20. Long Relief/Spot Start: Rasner

21. 4th Outfielder: Melky Cabrera
22. Backup 1st/Power Bat & Multi-Utility: Jeff Conine
23. Backup Catcher: Geovany Soto
24. Utility Infielder: Cairo
25. Speed off the Bench: Dave Roberts

why does every thing about the yankees turn into either "the yankees NEED TO SPEND 500MILLION AND GET EVERYONE AVAILABLE" or "the yankees suck, I hate them because my team cant beat em" keep that garbage to yourselves.

Anyway, A-Rod's not going anywhere, matsui's not going anywhere, RJ aint going to the pen (hes what? 20 something wins shy of 300?) although he should, I actually see the yankees going out and spending a rediculous amount of money to sign Matsuzaka (funny thought, yankees over spending for someone they want bad.)

Melky will be rotated in as a 4th outfielder and still get enough AB's because Torre knows hes your Of of the future, and by then Damon should rotate to right and Cabrera should play CF.
Matsui is a far better play the Cabrera, theres not even a discussion.

YankeeBaseball seems to of left an important name off that list, Bernie Williams.
I think Posada's replacement will be a FA catcher, but I still think he has a few good years left

I dont think it will happen but I'd like to give Travis Lee another shot at 1B, superb Defense.

I would like to see Myers remain the lefty specialist.

I wouldn't mind Darren oliver replacing villone.
I also hear Dotel would like to return to NY, but i dont think Cash wants to throw much money his way.

I'd like to see Cairo return.

I would love the rotation to look like this midseason


that would be nice.
I'll post more at a later time

I agree with both of the guys above. I think Dotel will be back for like 2 million a year. I would also like to see if we could get anything of value for Farnsworth.

TJ Beam is tearing up the AFL pitching and may be a good option out of the pen. Also Sean Henn could be a lefty option out of the pen.

I agree that we really need to find a backup catcher who we can groom to take over for Posada.

As for the rookies at the back of the rotation. I would give it to Rasner to start the season as he has better stuff than Karstens. However I think on opening day both will be in the rotation as Johnson probably won't be ready yet.

As for Jaret Wright I would like to keep him and move him to an NL team to see what we can get in return. His buyout is 3 million dollars and his contract is 7. So if we eat 2 million and move him for a couple young guys we end up saving money and getting something decent in return for him.

Lastly I sincerely hope that Bernie retires this offseason. We don't have a spot for him next year and I dont want to have to watch him play when he is old and done. I would rather him retire while he is still decent. Bernie go play your guitar and give up on baseball please.

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