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Phillies, Indians Interested In Akinori Iwamura

27 year-old Japanese third baseman Akinori Iwamura is being pursued by both the Phillies and the Indians.

Pat Gillick mentioned today that he has a lot of interest in Iwamura to play third for the Phils.  You may recall that Gillick imported Ichiro back when he was GM of the Mariners.  Another convenient factor is that manager Charlie Manuel has played in Japan before. 

The Tribe is showing interest as well, but are committed to Andy Marte at third base.  They would ask Iwamura to convert to second base.


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i understnd the phillies search 4 3rd base ( they all disappered) but y r the idians r goin after an unproven jappanese import when they can easily sign kennedy 4 5millon 2yrs?

I wouldnt be surprised if the cubs jump on that list if they lose ramirez.

Im for the Red Sox getting him, then we can trade lowell for bullpen help

noboby is drooling from the mouth 2 get lowell. y trade him? aint it easier 2 trade hinske 4 some avarge relievr?

I think Kennedy will be staying on the West Coast or as close to it as possible.

about kenndy the only west coast team with any needs is giants. so he going 2 east in default.

You telling me the Padres, and phillies dont wish they had a 3rd baseman like Lowell.

Sigh... Red Sox fans... just like Yankees fans.

You have an overpaid 3B and think everyone else wants to give you market value for him.

Then advocate spending millions on a guy to fill a position that already has THREE players who are more than qualified to handle it.

If you think the Sox should trade Lowell, that's fine... they'll just play Youkilis there.

I hate to see teams throw money around like it's no object and still lose while other teams are forced to nickel and dime their way to success.

No I just dont like Lowell, he drifted off in the second half. Plus I think if we can make an upgrade in a position why not do it. Also Lowell can get us some bullpen help that we desperately need.

Who can you possibly upgrade than lowell. what are any bodys chances relistaclly of getting Ramirez. And if you move youkilis would casey b that much of an improvmnet over lowell if u get him?

See the topic and you'll see, duh.

u r kidding me right Iwamura? From what im hearing he is a golden glove with an avarge bat remind you of anyone boston already has. Your basically buying a more expense version of the same guy.

u r kidding me right Iwamura? From what im hearing he is a golden glove with an avarge bat remind you of anyone boston already has. Your basically buying a more expense version of the same guy.

Except younger with his better years to come.

good point but theres still the chance u dont get him

There is that chance we dont but he will be the main one that will affect how the red sox spend their offseason doing.

If you were the braves would you accept a Coco, Clement and Pena trade for Jones and villareal?

Well its pretty good and then it's not. The good, the Braves will pretty much have their outfield set with Francouer, Pena, and Crisp. Nice potential there, but Jones is pretty much going to be the reason if they contend or not, I'll go for it if I was the Braves, one main reason, Cox! He can manage any type of team, mediocure and contenders. But if I was the sox I wouldn't, only if there is a Manny deal in place for us to get good pitching in return. Then well have to fill in our outfield vacancies with FA or trades. So good for the braves, bad for the sox. IMO

If I am the Braves no way I take Coco, Clement, and Pena for Jones alone. Clement sucks, there needs to be a better player in there. If it was Coco, Pena, Hansen, and Bucholz I would do it. Or even Coco, Pena, and Beckett. But they can do better than a light hitting center fielder, a mediocre at best pitcher, and a powerful but raw rightfielder.

If I remember correctly, Matt Clement has a very serious arm injury.

He is totally untradable.

Gold glove? If he can play second base, the Tribe will take him.

This is all I have to say



lol philly rocks, if iwamura and soriano both go to philly, give me your mail address and i'll mail you 50 bucks.

What if its Sheffield and Iwamura then will you still send me the $50 bucks.

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