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Sheffield And The Mets

Word from Gotham Baseball's Mark Healey is that the Mets might be a good fit for Gary Sheffield.  Apparently the team's COO Jeff Wilpon is quite fond of Sheff.  There are several other reasons why this could work; check out Healey's post.

On a related note, Newsday reports that Brian Cashman has a Sheffield deal in place but has yet to pull the trigger.  A trade is described as "inevitable," with the Cubs, Phillies, Rangers, Indians, Padres, Giants, Braves, and Astros as possible suitors.  The Cubs would have to find a new spot for Jacque Jones; perhaps he would be a component of the deal as the Yanks expressed interest in him last summer.


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Being a Braves fan I don't like hearing this, but Gary would actually be a good fit for the Mets. Shawn Green in RF Beltran in CF. Floyd is too injury prone and Milledge still needs some time to develope. Endy is good but Sheff would be an upgrade hitting-wise. Thats a scary sounding line-up:
6.Lo Duca
8.maybe a Kennedy
9.Martinez, Glavine, whoever is pitching.
I say they get him since he doesn't want to play 1b for the boys on the other side of town. When are the Braves going to do something big?


I'm sorry, I just don't see the Braves taking Sheffield back...salary and all. He's too expensive and oft-injured. The last thing the Braves need is Chipper AND Sheff both being injured at the key points of a season. Other than that, he might be a good option to fill that extra outfield spot that Langerhans so poorly fills. I'd honestly prefer someone like a Carl Crawford to fill out Atlanta's outfield, but I trust Schuerholz's judgement.

I don't see Cashman sending Sheff to the Schmets. If he did well, we'd never hear the end of it, plus what would they give in return, Heilman?

I also don't see the Yankees taking Jcque Jones. They already have a surplus in the outfield with Melky being relegated to the bench . . .

HA. The Yankees WISH they could get Heilman for Sheffield. Fat chance.

In my previous post I wasn't saying I wanted Sheffield back, if thats what you thought I meant Akirelli. I would MUCH rather have Carl Crawford for Atlanta's LF. Hopefully Aybar will end up at 2b and from there lets look at the bullpen situation again...

nom3k,there's more interest in Sheffield than you think. When you look at what it would take to sign Carlos Lee or Soriano, Sheff for 1 year at 8mil with 5 deferred looks pretty good... Given the substantial interest, who would the Mets give back to make the trade?

I wrote this on another post and YankeeBaseball already said it, but Jones isn't going to the Yankees. Maybe Howry and a prospect like Veal or Gallgher would go to the Yankees. Maybe even Izturis. He could be a good player to be a back up middle infielder.

"Given the substantial interest, who would the Mets give back to make the trade?"

Not much more than Brian Bannister.

I don't see the Yanks dealing with the Mets if they have better choices, and no, even as a Yankee fan, i would not expect Aaron Heilman back for Sheff. the best i'm hoping for is Brad Lidge.

as for Cubs, I agree that Howry / Veal / Gallgher would make some sense, Iztruis is pointless, the Yankees can surely find a untility man within the same realm of effectiveness that doesn't cost 2M. surely the Cubs might have better use for Izzy than the Yankees if Cedeno continues to bomb.

One guy i would love from the Cubs is Geovany Soto, but i'm pretty sure there is no chance of that unless Hendry is indeed a idiot.

The Yankees really don't have much leverage with Sheffield, I think that they just want to dump him for anything so he wont bitch and moan. If he was going to comply, I think they would be happy to slot him at 1b. Sheffield is forcing the Yanks to trade him in my opinion. Thus, a Howry/Bannister type guy is what they can expect in trade offers.

Oh...and if the Yankees took Jacque Jones, they would probably buy him out. There is no reason to keep him around (if you have 200MM payroll) and have him take PT away from Melky, especially since all of the Yankees starting OFs would be left-handed bats.

The Braves don't need and shouldn't want Sheff. They have plenty of power and what they need (a true leadoff hitter) he can't provide. Besides, they can't afford an injury prone player that is nothing but bad news in the clubhouse, no matter what the price tag is on the guy.

screw Gary Sheffeild. I think i speak for most met fans when i saw we dont want any part of him. He's old and washed up and over rated.
And A200 good post lol except Beltran will never bat second loduca is the player there is to bat second behind reyes in that lineup

Yankee Fans are hilarious. They think they can just make any trade they want lol. Their not getting anything important back for sheff because hes old and coming off a broken wrist, hasent proved he can play at his prior level since he returned, and if you somehow do land heilman for sheff, consider it winning the lotto. HAaha by the way, how sweet is it that the mets have taken over baseball in NY and in about 5 years the yankees wont even be a playoff team. I LOVE IT!

When Sheffield is healthy he is an extremely dangerous hitter. However, I would not want him on the Mets with his attitude. Has anyone heard him through the media recently? Coming out and telling teams not to trade for him because he will be a problem. A baseball team is in fact a family that is together from February to October. You have each others back and are a tight unit. With that said, why would you want a player like this? I think will would just divide the team.

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