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A's Considering Bonds

Now that Frank Thomas is out of the picture, the A's need a DH again.  It's no surprise that Barry Bonds would be a good fit--after all, the A's need to find somebody to replace Thomas's production, and there aren't many options out there to do that. 

Billy Beane has been chatting with Bonds's agent, so it would appear that the A's have no objection to taking on Bonds's baggage.  Certainly they managed just fine with their share of "problem" guys last year.  As Lew Wolff points out in the linked article, though, Bonds may out of the A's price range, especially if the Padres make Barry a top target.

By Jeff Sackmann


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A's are just tweaking the Giants, they like to do that. Look at that article, the owner offered the SS job to the reporter for the right price.

At the salary Bonds wants, the A's couldn't afford. If they paid him what they can afford, I think he would stick with the Giants if they matched it or at least was in the same ballpark. I don't see the A's outbidding the Giants.

No, but the Padres may outbide them..

To me, it seems illogical for any NL team to seriously push for him...besides the Giants. I would think AL teams with DH needs would be all over him, but apparently the interest is very limited (deservedly so...the guy's an asshole).

I could see the headlines if Barry goes to an east coast team ... the front page paper shows a picture of him walking in the airport, suitcase in hand ... "Bonds Arrives With Baggage"

I think the right fit for the A's would be to go with another guy alot of people are writing off and follow what worked for them last season. Cliff Floyd, he's a very productive player and this would be one of those Famos Beane Buy low situations.

yeah dev0, floyd had an injury plagued season last year, but when hes healthy he rakes, the ball explodes off his bat as well as anybody. He also is very underated in the speed department when healthy.

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