Drew, Roberts, Aurilla, and Dunn

SI reported yesterday that the Red Sox are close to signing JD Drew.

Are sign’s of desperation starting to appear? Gregg Zaun‘s agent has been in ‘consistent’ contact with Cashman and Julio Lugo has already talked to the Cubs and agreed to play CF.

Speaking of Zaun, Mercury News is reporting that Zaun’s agent is having ‘consistent’ contact with the Giants, that the Giants are close to signing Dave Roberts and Rich Aurilia, and that they haven’t closed the door on re-signing Pedro Feliz or second baseman Ray Durham.

I hope Zaun’s agent gets paid by the hour. 

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that all the market value craziness might benefit the Pirates. When pigs fly, you say?

Anyway, the article mentions that the Pirates front office had considered acquiring Adam Dunn. That tidbit sent Pirate bloggers into overdrive —

Honest Wagner said that if the Pirates got Dunn he ‘would become the team’s best or second-best hitter‘, I suppose forgetting that Sanchez and Bay were on the same roster. At Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke Pirate blog, Pat said Dunn ‘would look awfully nice protecting Jason Bay’, but possibly forgetting Dunn NEEDS protection – he doesn’t offer much, especially playing at PNC Park.

My take? I said the same thing I said back at the July trade deadline in 2006 – we don’t need a $10m Adam Dunn to whiff all year for us. What did you expect me to say?  hehe

Dan Perry at Fox Sports talks about how the Cardinals have a great deal of work to do now to compete in 2007.

Humbly I report that a list has finally come out that does not include anyone from Pittsburgh – The Goggle Gang by Bill Madden at the New York Daily News.

And yes Jeff, the Brewers getting rid of Davis for Estrada was a great move – I agree.

By Jake at Bucco Blog

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