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Which teams were the streakiest in baseball last year? Sal Baxamusa posted a nice statistical article over at The Hardball Times looking at offensive consistency in MLB using the Weibull distribution model. It couldn’t have been the Soriano sweepstakes winners, could it?

Think the MVP should have gone to Pujols and not Howard? Jim Baker at Baseball Prospectus (subscription that you should have is required) continues the fan’s ongoing amazement over the NL MVP voting this year. Some of the questions he raised were how McCann’s 54.8 VORP didn’t even garner him one vote; how Freddy Sanchez received five votes to Jason Bay’s one vote; or how Bronson Arroyo received a vote but Miguel Cabrera, perhaps one of the top ten in the NL last year, didn’t get one vote.

What is scarier in the NLCD — the Cubs adding Soriano (and still after Lugo as I speculated the other day they might), Wayne Krivsky violating his own gag order on acquisitions, Pujols’ 2007 projections after he didn’t get the MVP, the Pirates filling their entire 40-man roster despite needing a starter and lefty thumper, or the Brewers sitting quiet in the back of the room?

Have you seen this year’s results of Tango’s player Scouting Report by the Fans?

David Appleman over at talks and graphs ground ball percentage obtained by pitch location in his article here.

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