Seeking One Good Blogger

Lucky dude that I am, I will be on my honeymoon in Cancun from November 21-28th.  The wedding is on the 18th so you can imagine that that’s going to come before this lil’ blog.

However I would hate to see MLBTradeRumors go stale for a week or longer during the offseason.  That just seems wrong.  So I have two ways to combat that.  One, I will ask my blogging friends to write some guest posts for me.  Two, I will find one individual to keep the site going throughout the days and perhaps nights by reporting all the rumors that appear in print.  That way we can at least keep the commentary going and the site can remain a one-stop shop for trade rumors.  I’m thinking short posts, a few paragraphs each. 

I need help finding that person to keep the site fresh with the news while I am gone.  My offer: fifty bucks and a free copy of my ’07 Fantasy Guide.  I know it’s not much but that’s what I can do.  Here’s what I’m looking for:

– College graduate or attending college.
– Fine writing skills – good spelling and grammar and no-brainer stuff like that.
– Blogging experience would be helpful.
– Writing/blog samples would be a good way to convince me.
– Roughly two free hours a day for about 10 days in November.
– Round the clock Internet access to stay on top of breaking news.
– Passion for baseball but no obvious bias.  It would be mostly objective writing.

I should add that there is some chance that if you’re really good, I would request your help beyond November just to post news and the like when I don’t have the time.

For my own sanity, please direct your emails to and no other email address.  I will ignore stuff about this sent elsewhere.  I’ll give it about a week and then choose the best person.  Don’t take it personally if I don’t reply or pick you; I’m only taking one person after all.

Thanks for visiting and helping me out.

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