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Starting Pitching in NYC

Here's the latest on the Tom Glavine front: the man says he's 50-50 between the Mets and the Braves.  The Braves would have a hard time matching the Mets probable $24M/2y offer unless they dropped some salary in a trade (like some of these possibilities), so it may come down to how much of a hometown discount Glavine is willing to give Atlanta.

Across town, there's the possibility that Scott Proctor will enter camp as a starter.   Proctor was great in his first full year out of the pen, but the Yankees starting corps still has plenty of holes.  No one--including Brian Cashman--could possibly think that the Yankees won't make every effort to add at least one more starter, but as Cashman points out, the move is mostly insurance: it's easier to prepare to start and end up relieving than to go the other way around.  If nothing else, if might make Cashman seem a little less desperate in trade talks.

And back to the Mets for a second: if you're interested in the next wave of Mets players, like Anderson Hernandez, Carlos Gomez, and Fernando Martinez, you may enjoy this article of mine over at MetsGeek.com, which takes a statistically-minded look at their defense.  If Gomez ends up as part of a trade, whoever gets him could do very, very well.

By Jeff Sackmann


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I remember last year when Cashman was telling us that Bubba Crosby was going to start the season as their CF.

Gomez and Martinez won't be traded. Omar covets them more than Milledge.

nom i agree and those 2 guys r a big reason why milledge is so expendable now. On a glavine note, i keep hearing he doesnt know if he wants to go back to atlanta, but the thing is. I dont think the braves want or need him.
smoltz huddie hampton james and davies. I also dont see them paying glavine 12mil for a year. Whatever tom do whhat u want

Exactly, nice point. Glavine WANTS the Braves, but much like a few years back, I don't think they want him. The Mets will offer $12/mill, while the Braves might give a courtesy offer of $5-7 mill. He wants to go back there so badly it's obvious, and he is waiting for the Braves organization to open their arms and welcome him back-- which has yet to happen. Let him go, don't let him hold you up. It would free up more money for a younger Zito, and possibly second-tier guy.

Please omar dont trade carlos gomez. That being said i dont think he will, im pretty sure he handpicked this kid himself, meaning he must be really high on him and will have to be offeredsomething real big for one of those prospects

for all the anderson hernandez haters around here, he is hitting 270 in dominican winterball. Not saying thats eye popping or anything but im tellen ya, hes gona be a good player in a few years. I picture him turning out similar to The O dog orlando hudson

"I remember last year when Cashman was telling us that Bubba Crosby was going to start the season as their CF. "

My sense is that he was serious. The Damon thing worked out, but it just as easily could have and Cash would have gone with Bubba. Now, he probably would have traded for Abreu eventually anyway, but still, I don't think he was lying about crosby.

What percentage of deals has Cashman made with the Yankees that he actually wanted to with all his heart make? I get the sense that the whole Crosby was his feeling, but was forced by the fans, and by the club to go with Damon..

It will be very interesting to watch what deals both NY clubs make, and what ones they don't in regards to Pitching, both teams have needs in that area.

A lot of deals Cash has made have not been with all his heart - getting RJ, kevin brown, raul mondesi.

But, I think Damon he wanted. The guy performed in the playoffs, could perform in a tough market, and made the sox a weaker team.

Still, who knows. It will be very interesting. I don't gather the Yanks will sign ANY pitcher to a long term deal of longer than 3 years. They'll do a patch job until their kids are ready. I'd be very suprised if they got Zito, for instance. It just goes against their entire plan.

A Lot of people would have said that bidding 51 million for Mats by the Red Sox would be against there entire plan, but they did. Desperate times call for desperate measure the Blue Jays and Red Sox have improved there teams(especially Boston with Drew most likely signing) they Yanks need to make a move personally i think they will get Schmidt

A few things.....

1) Fernando Martinez isnt going anywhere.

2) Carlos Gomez is overrated. I doubt he plays in Shea for very long.

3) Scott Proctor sucks. He won't start 5 games.

4) Dump Glavine. Sign Zito and Padilla.

5) Give Milledge another year and a half.

My wish list.

what makes u say gomez is overated? he seems like a speed demon with an amazing glove. He hit 280 with 7 hr 41 rbi, i know thats only in AA but still, i mean those seem like pretty good numbers

*** 48 rbi, 41 SB

i hope im wrong nrmax88..

its funny how people react when heilman is talked about starting. Proctor?

man ram is lickin his chops somewhere thinkin please let proctor start. Thats an extra 5 or 6 homeruns a year for manny just in the games proctor faces the bo sox. Manny is officially scott proctors daddy

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