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Braves Rumors

Talking Chop has a nice roundup of trade talks that the Braves could be exploring.

First, the White Sox are interested in Andruw Jones.  That seems like a longshot because Andruw has a no-trade and the White Sox hate Scott Boras, but who knows, maybe an extension would get that done.  Trading for Jones would make Brian Anderson expendable, and Anderson seems to me like Bobby Cox's kind of player--young, great defense, could improve at the plate.  Maybe Anderson and one of Chicago's starters would get that deal done.

Second, the Rangers could be looking at Braves pitching.  The Rangers could have all sorts of holes depending on how many of their free agents they are able to keep, especially in the rotation.  They don't match up nearly so well with the Braves--this article suggests the Braves would be looking for bullpen help in a deal like that, but after trading away Francisco Cordero last season, the Rangers wouldn't appear to have the depth to survive losing Akinori Otsuka.

In related news, Vicente Padilla's agent doesn't expect him to sign immediately, but notes that the Rangers are the most interested.  I'm not surprised--if both Padilla and Adam Eaton went elsewhere, Jon Daniels would be forced to do a lot of shopping in a very, very expensive store.

By Jeff Sackmann


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Rangers were mentioned, so I'll bring it up... ESPN was mentioning that the Rangers were chatting with the Sox about Manny because they don't thin k they can get Lee or Soriano. While I seriously doubt Manny will get traded can anyone really think of a scenario where the Sox would agree? The Rangers would laugh if they were proposed Texeria and Otsuka and I doubt that's enough to make Theo smile... but frankly I don't see anything else happening.

micheal young and otsuka? two needs filled

I think any of the trades mentioned in this post regarding the Braves would be a mistake. I can't see the Braves getting good return from the White Sox for Andruw - plus, it's been said multiple times that he wants to remain a Brave as long as he possibly can. Also Texas doesn't have the bullpen depth nor a stock of good outfielders to trade to the Braves for pitching help.

Well setting aside the arguement of how good McCarthy is, The braves set the initial bar for the Sox at Crisp, Hansen, and Lester (Maybe Delcarmen instead of Hansen, don't remember) So I'd say the trade would have to be a pitcher (Buhrele, Vasquez or McCarthy), Anderson, and do the Sox have a good 2b prospect? If not then Fields. And I don't see Kenny Williams pulling the trigger on that one...

akirell as long as he possibly can in this case mean one more year cuz the braves arent gona pay him the big ass contract hes gona want. What the fuck is wrong with texas, seriously. Always talking about pickinh up a new bat, they always seem to find a good hitter and still suck every year cuz they dont care about their pitching. And they do it every single offseason to. Its amazing, every single year. Get some dam pitching Texas

as much as i hate to say it as a braves fan if the sox offered Brian Anderson, Brandon McCarthy, and a RP then i would say take it because your getting the future and giving up a guy u have for one more season. if he and Giles were traded then this would be my lineup.

1.Aybar 2B
2.Renteria SS
3.McCann C
4.Jones 3B
5.LaRoche 1B
6.Francoeur RF
7.Langerhans LF
8.Anderson CF

thats seems pretty good right?

well in case you forget nrmax last year they got Eaton, Millwood, and Padilla in the offseason.they traded a big bat in soriano and didnt get another big abt until Lee at the break

I am one of the few that really believe that the Braves will be able to (and should) keep Andruw Jones beyond next year. One of the reasons why I think that is the "lesser" rumor mentioned in this post.

If we can get a team like the Rangers to take the underachieving Tim Hudson's backloaded deal off of our hands (he's owed $32M over the three remaining years of his contract) or the oft injured Mike Hampton (who's still owed something like $25M over the next two years) then we'd have the money to lock Andruw up longterm. He's been good to ATL in contract talks before and I truly believe that he wants to remain a Brave, even if it costs him some money again. Don't forget that we will almost certainly move Giles and his $6Mish pricetag for 2007 soon.

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