Boston Globe Trade Rumors

Aside from the aforementioned Roger Clemens tidbit, Nick Cafardo’s recent Boston Globe column is packed with interesting info.  A brief summary follows.

Cafardo believes the Red Sox will add one more reliever and then sort out the closer situation in spring.  The Cordero, Lidge, and Gonzalez talks didn’t go anywhere.  The idea of returning to Jon Papelbon, on the other hand, makes a lot of sense and isn’t out of the question.  Failing that, Julian Tavarez could be the favorite.  Shaky alternatives (Brendan Donnelly, Mike Timlin, Craig Hansen, Manny Delcarmen) abound.

A source told Cafardo that Matt Clement wants to prove everyone wrong and could be throwing by springtime.  Maybe he just wants to cash in after his walk year.  Clement had rotator cuff surgery at the end of September.

Rodrigo Lopez has gotten interest from five teams.  A move to St. Louis or somewhere like that could help him quite a bit.

Carl Everett and Sammy Sosa may need to play in the independent leagues to convince some team to give them a shot.  Two of baseball’s finest role models, right there.

Mark Mulder is still looking at the Cards, Rangers, and Indians for his options.  The Tribe has offered two years and $8MM with another $7MM in incentives.  The Rangers offer less than $8MM guaranteed but a possible package of $18.75MM instead of $15MM. 

The Giants would still like to recruit David Wells despite their signing of Barry Zito.  Such a move would push Jonathan Sanchez to the bullpen.  The Phillies, Padres, Diamondbacks, and Mets may also be interested in Wells.

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