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Mariners Sign Miguel Batista

UPDATE:  The Mariners have signed Batista for three years and $24MM+, pending a physical.

Ken Rosenthal has cranked out another column chock full of good rumors.

He expects Miguel Batista to sign with the Mariners, for a contract exceeding three years and $24MM.

Also, a couple of former teams of Jeff Suppan's want him back.  The Pirates and Royals are both showing interest, with a four-year contract expected.  Of course, we expected Gil Meche to get four years.  Rosenthal also names the Giants, Astros, and Mets as teams on the fringes for the righty.

The Rangers could ship out Akinori Otsuka, an idea made more possible if they sign Eric Gagne.  Young pitching is the target. 

The Astros could acquire Jason Jennings or Rodrigo Lopez; Luke Scott appears available.


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I am just curious because I love your site.

Do you guys ever get your own rumors on signings, etc. or is this site a consoidated space for all news sites (foxsports, espn, etc.) rumors?

I think they have their own sources, and in a sense I'd say Roto is a journalist, so I don't think he'd tell us anyway. :)

But then it never hurts to make references towards gurus like Rosenthal.

I still stand by what I told Tim before, if he doesn't have a job relating to baseball, he ought to change careers.

And I was just wondering ...I love this site, no knock against them!

And I was just wondering ...I love this site, no knock against them!

Thanks JD and Ankur. Trust me I'd love to change careers!

I do get my own but have leaned away from it somewhat this offseason. I don't know if that's laziness or some sources drying up exactly or what. I still have a few decent guys and continue to build more. So yeah, you might see an exclusive rumor here or there.

"though it's unlikely they would part with talented young players such as right-hander Jason Hirsh and center fielder Willy Taveras unless they signed Jennings to an extension as part of the deal."

Explain to me again what's good about Taveras and why they wouldn't trade him for Jennings? He's Juan Pierre with more strikeouts and better arm, right?

Any thoughts on what Suppan would command annually?

Seems odd that the Royals and Pirates are going after to him....he doesn't seem like a great fit for either team.

an arguement for the Royals getting Suppan would be he gives at least 6 innnings every outing. It'd help protect their bullpen. He's average, but it might be better than letting Greinke or Bannister pitch this year. They could get some AAA that way.

I don't like Suppan at all. Somebody is gonna overpay for him. And 1 side note watch and see how Maddux helps Peavy. I think that may be the best signing of the year. He will really teach the Padres youngsters and chew up valuable innings. Sorry to get off subject.

If I were Dayton Moore I would try to do a E.Brown for Rodrigo Lopez deal. He can pitch valuable innings and that lets Butler come up and play. If Lopez does half way descent they can flip him at the deadline. This also lets Bannister som e much needed time at AAA to solve those control issues.

I dont think Bannister really has control issues. I think it was more a case of nerves, making your debut in New York. He was always known as a control pitcher, and for the mets in his short time, he got the job done, eventually. I mean met fans would be cringing every time bannister went to the hill, because he loaded the bases almost every time. The thing about him is, he isnt really a prospect anymore. Hes like 26 years old already. If he cant control his pitches, he has no business being in the ML, because he is by no means overpowering. I would expect bannister to be in KCs rotation come april. Or else the trade looks stupid from a KC stand point. If they wanted a pitcher they could send into the minors to learn, why not try for bostick or vargas or one of these other kids at about the same talent level as bannister, but 4 years younger, or just keep burgos and send him into the minors to learn more. I think they just picked up Bannister hoping he could give them some innings, and keep his era around 5.

I agree nrmax, KC shouldn't have traded for Bannister if they weren't certain that he could keep a spot in their rotation.

He will be 26 on opening day, if he doesn't have control by now he probably never will be.

Personally, I think his control will be fine. His minor league record indicates good control, but he struggled a bit in his brief MLB time, as most rookies do.

Agreed SBE. A lot less pressure pitching in KC then in NY, especially for a last place team

I really wanted the Cubs to get him!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know what happened with the SCot Boras press conference today at 9?

Red Sox GM Theo Epstein and owner John Henry are currently in Los Angeles to negotiate with agent Scott Boras and Daisuke Matsuzaka in anticipation of the Thursday night deadline.

At a news conference Monday night, Boras said that unless something changes, Matsuzaka will return to Japan. Meanwhile, the Red Sox may not even be sure what Matsuzaka wants, as Boras reportedly hasn't submitted a counterproposal to Boston's offer. If Boras is just going to sit back and wait for the Red Sox to say a number he likes, then nothing will get done.

MLB has no intention of letting agent Scott Boras try to buy Daisuke Matsuzaka's freedom from the Seibu Lions should negotiations with the Red Sox fail.

There's been some speculation that Boras would help Matsuzaka come up with a sufficient total to pay off the Lions. "The Commissioner’s office would not recognize that free agency, and the Japanese commissioner’s office is in agreement with us," said Lou Melendez, the vice president for international operations for MLB. If Matsuzaka declines to take Boston's offer, Boras could attempt to legally challenge the posting system. While he could build quite a case, even a successful challenge might not get Matsuzaka to the majors any sooner.

Thats from rotoworld

Batista for 24 mil is an absolute steal.

The Mariners have put together a nice little rotation.


Not mind blowing, but everyone's capable of league average.

Felix is not an ace yet. I can see the Mariner's pushing hard for Zito. Take Pinero out and fill in with Zito that makes a nice rotation.

Miguel Batista for a contract exceeding 3/24 is an absolute steal? Yikes. Pass me some of what you're smoking. He had a 1.53 WHIP and he's going to be 36 in 2 months. I don't think it's a good deal.

Someone explain to me why Jason Jennings is worth so much. Taveras could be the best defensive center fielder in baseball, he'll be cheap for quite a while longer, and look at the money Juan Pierre got. Taveras is valuable.

Please I can name at least 10 CF that are better than him defensively.

EVERYONE under contract looks valuable in this market. I think it's a reason why we haven't heard many trades going down-- Every team is saying, "Well if [comparable FA] is getting this, we should at least get [large bounty] in return," and no one's making deals.

i thought the cardinals were interested in Batista

True story: Multiple teams can be interested in one guy, and then only one team gets him.

i heard it was just royals cards and then the roayls signed meche, i never knew seatle was interested

Willy Taveras is not valuable, unless you have Joey Gathright in CF. He's the worst offensive (regular) CF in baseball, and he's WAY. OVER. RATED. Fast, yes. Strong arm, yes. Good at tracking balls...hell no.

Miguel Batista looks like he signed for 3/27. That's crap, a horrible signing. With a contract like that you'd think he had a better G/F ratio, but he doesn't.

And yes, Taveras has been the best defensive center fielder in baseball the last two years. Every defensive statistic that matters backs that up. Most people know nothing about defense, they just continue to say whoever gets a Gold Glove deserves it, even in years when their defense falls off (Torii Hunter, etc.).

Andruw Jones, Beltran, Edmonds, Wells, Hunter, Cameron, just to name a few with better gloves then Taveras

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