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Mulder Narrows Choices?

According to Kat O'Brien of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, "indications are that Mark Mulder is deciding between the Rangers and his previous team, the St. Louis Cardinals, on a two-year deal."  Interestingly, the article includes a life-size picture of Mulder's head.

As far as Mulder's ERA goes, I don't think Texas would be a wise choice.  Not only is it a tough ballpark, but John Dewan's recent team defense rankings put the Rangers' middle infield 23rd in the Majors in 2006.  His rankings indicate that the Mets would be a much better choice for a groundball pitcher.


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Life-size? Damn! How big is your monitor.

hope he stays with the cards. he sed he wanted to prove something.

per Zito's comments in the article about wanting to lead a team to multiple world series titles - where does the disconnect with these players happen? why don't they comprehend that saddling a team with their enormous contracts serves only to ensure that teams cannot go out and sign other quality players needed to build a world series caliber team?
see also mr. barry bonds who in the past few years has stated that winning a championship is what keeps him playing - not individual accolades. yet his salary is such a burden to the team that they are unable to sign the other high caliber players needed to field a winning team. it just makes no sense to me.

Extreme close up!! Whoooaaaaa!!!!

oh my god..lol. that was funniest thing i've seen all day.

How does this affect the Zito signing if he chooses rangers? Do they drop out, unnofficially?

not a chance eeleye. Mulder is only going to give a team a half season, and you dont even know what you will get for that half season. The Rangers will pursue Zito , and Mulder is merely a fall back.

From the reports I've read, the Rangers would love to land both Zito AND Mulder. Considering Gagne as the only major signing, they definitely have the finances to get it done.

Zito saying he wants an owner that shares his desire to win multiple championships and him wanting to lead a team like Koufax while not caring so much about the money, or, wanting "fair market value" can only be taken seriously to a point. I would ask him to name the 3-5 organizations in all of Baseball that continually compete for a playoff spot which is where you have to get to if you want a shot at a Championship. Here is my list: Yankee's, Red Sox, A's, Cardinal's, and Angels. If Championships are what he desires why would he go anywhere else? I understand he wants to lead a team but all five of those teams could use a/another leader, yes, even the Yankee's, let Zito lead the pitching staff while Jeter can stay the "Captain". Zito has also stated his career goal is 300 wins, out of all the teams being reported as interested in him only one team has the offense now and going foward to help him acheive that and that's the Mets. Zito is simply playing the game, playing the market because if he weren't he wouldn't even talk to a team like the Rangers, he'd tell the Yankee's or Mets or Red Sox here's what I'll take, I want to be on your team. Even the A's if he would take non-"fair market value".

Good point about these huge contracts putting a burden on there team, that's why I'm all for "hometown discounts".

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