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Padres Sign Jose Cruz Jr.

It's official; the Padres have agreed to a one-year, $650K contract with outfielder Jose Cruz Jr.  It's not a bad idea - for less than twice the league minimum the Padres get a lefty masher to pair with Terrmel Sledge in left field.  Plus, Cruz can play all three outfield positions.

It could make for a decent platoon.  Sledge hit .265/.345/.459 against righties over the past three seasons while Cruz hit .291/.392/.493 against southpaws.  It's a way to get league average production for cheap.


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crux jr is a good player, but ill always rememberhim for that error he made in the 2003 NLDS that gave the Marlins new life.

even if ur gona use cruz Jr as a defensive replacement he's worth this.

v surprised...

If the Cardinals are going to put Duncan and Edmonds in the same outfield, this should have been an absolute no-brainer for Jocketty.

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