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Yankees After George Sherrill?

Nice find by RotoWorld - at the bottom of this Bergen Record article, there's mention of the Yankees' interest in southpaw reliever George Sherrill.

Presumably, Sherrill would be a backup plan if the Yanks can't acquire Mike Gonzalez.  From what I hear, there are still a handful of teams involved on the Pittsburgh reliever. 

Sherrill has an interesting stat line that doesn't seem repeatable - fewer than seven hits per nine, zero home runs in 40 innings, a 4.28 ERA despite six walks per nine.  If used as a strict LOOGY, though, he should be pretty good.


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After all the dumb moves Seattle's made (Vidro, Soriano) you think they'd give up Putz for the Unit?


Sherill is 30, the yankees should be going after younger guys

Henry14...that would be a quite a trio for the YANKees: the BIG UNIT, PUTZ, and WANG.

Don't forget about a-ROD

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