Blue Jays Sign Tomo Ohka

UPDATE: The Blue Jays signed Ohka to a one-year deal with incentives.  He’s guaranteed $1.5MM and can double it by reaching incentives.

The Washington Post reports that Tomo Ohka will likely decide on a team today or tomorrow.  The Nats are unlikely, and he’s leaning towards Toronto.  Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Ohka now only wants a one-year deal.  Looks like he couldn’t get three years so he’d rather re-enter the market in ’08 after a hopefully solid year.  The Pirates are definitely out of the running.  The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review mentions that the Mets are still in on Ohka.

The Bucs, however, have turned their focus to Tony Armas Jr.  Several teams are interested in him, with the Pirates in the lead.  Though he’s not particularly good, he is relatively healthy and on the right side of 30.  Beggars can’t be choosy.

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