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Jeff Weaver Info

Viva El Birdos has some inside info concerning free agent Jeff Weaver.  Larry writes that Scott Boras plans to hold out for 4/40, but Weaver really wants to return to St. Louis and is getting antsy.

The Mariners or Dodgers could still make a play for Weaver as well.  The Dodgers would really be stacked in the rotation, but maybe it would be to complement a trade.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch mentions this morning that the Cards have a two-year offer out to Weaver and expect a decision on that this week.  Joe Strauss adds the Mets to the list of other possible suitors.


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Boras is very good, but NO ONE is giving Weaver 4 years. My guess is the Cards sign him for 2 years, 16 million.

If Weaver is really wanting to come back, it sounds like the Cardinals have the upper hand.

I wonder is LA is considering him so they can trade Penny for a slugger.

I imagine that is why they are considering him, but I doubt they are willing to pay big bucks to trade away a better pitcher. That doesn't make much sense to me.

I would think the dodgers have enough pitching to cover the loss of penny. I mean you're still looking at an improved rotation with Schmidt as the number 1 and Billingsley and Kuo with a year under their belt

Penny should be traded if a big bat becomes available.

why the hell would the dodgers lock up another SP with the lack of hitters they have every team in the mlb will try to fleece them with 20+ home run hitters for penny + a prospect. mariners i thought we sold them off to the nbl for matsuzaka no? my bad

I don't see the dodgers getting Weaver back. I mean, this is how their rotation would look:


Going to the nine man rotation this year.

yea, 40 over 4 is a joke! being a cards fan I would love him for 16 over 2, even though I expected a drop after his abysmal year with the angels/cards. def thought he would be a bargain. not risking anymore than 2 tho, I can guarantee that.

The Cardinals have up the ante just a little bit on Weaver's 2-year proposed deal. There is not a whole lot of interest in Weaver from any other teams, so this could entice Weaver to sign & improve his free agent market price for the next time around.

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