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Pirates Interested In Weaver

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Pirates are battling with the Cardinals for the services of Jeff Weaver.  Weaver could reunite with his former manager and pitching coach in Pittsburgh and thankfully push Shawn Chacon out of the rotation.  The Cards are still in the lead, however.  The Mariners or Dodgers could be involved also.

You have to wonder if Boras could convince Weaver to take another one year contract, maybe in the $7MM range.  He could stick in the NL all year and parlay it into a nice three-year pact if he pitches decently.  His best bet is probably St. Louis; they're offering two years.


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Are the Dodgers just trying to collect all the other starters in the league so no one has any depth?

Good. He either comes back for something reasonable, or Littlebrain saves TLR from himself and his veteran-icity. Jocketty has the leverage here, I like that he seems to be taking a real hard line.

I know Tony can't wait to use the options on Thompson, Reyes, and Wainwright, but not having Weaver would make those options much less viable.

Weaver, Franklin, Looper, Mulder, and Wells will get the longest leashes this season, when it would be in the team's best interests for those guys to battle for the last spots (along with Thompson) and the first three should all but be locked up between Reyes, Carpenter and Wainwright.

I don't trust that the wrong guy is the odd man out for a mediocre-to-terrible veteran that the team has little to nothing invested in beyond 2007. I'm looking at you Wells and Franklin.

If Weaver does nothing to effect the rest of that and pitches 200 innings out of the #4 spot. That's great, bring him in. Hopefully it looks like this on opening day:


Let everyone start skipping starts in late July when Pretty, Pretty Princess Mulder comes back to pitch terribly and up his bottom-line for 2008 when he really shouldn't even be on a mound until then, and have Thompson spot-start during the first half. If we can't get away with only having those 7 start games, which is likely, or if someone flat-out implodes, I guess you have Narveson, Looper, Franklin (if he is even on the team), Hancock, Hawksworth, Cate, and whoever I am forgetting to pick up some of the slack.

Meh. Could be a lot worse, at least some youngsters are getting good looks and the payroll is not going to suffer long-term. I like it.

i really have to ask wat is so bad about Shawn Chacon? is he really that bad of a pitcher?


i completely agree. that signing woiuld give us that decent starting 5. i personally wouldn't be opposed to letting weaver leave, however with larussa that would ultimately mean looper or franklin where if we were to have

wells (underappreciated)

with franklin spot starting id be pretty happy, unfortunately i don't think thompson will get that chance unless there is a lot of injuries, so i'd much rather have weaver than franklin, could be a good signing

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