Long Term Deal for Cordero?

The Nationals and Chad Cordero are discussing a multi-year deal to avoid their upcoming arbitration hearing.  The two sides aren’t that far apart, but since they have a consistent, young pitcher on their hands, I’m sure the Nats would like to work something out.

Cordero wasn’t as good last year as he was in his eye-popping 2005, but he did manage a 3.19 ERA and a K:BB of better than 3:1.  He may not have been the best closer in the NL named Cordero, but he still remains one of the best relievers in the league.  It’s tough to see the Nats going more than three years (with an option for a fourth) for a young reliever, but such a deal would not only work nicely for Washington, but would make Chad an even more valuable trade commodity in the 07-08 offseason.

By Jeff Sackmann

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