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Rangers Close To Michael Young Extension

According to T.R. Sullivan of MLB.com, the Rangers are making progress on a long-term deal with shortstop Michael Young and may have something completed this week.  Young is already under contract through '08; the extension would run through 2013, buying out five years of free agency.

The model for the contract is Chase Utley's deal, where each potential year of free agency was worth $15MM.  Baseball Prospectus's valuations only run through 2011, but indicate that the Rangers will come out just fine. 

Young will be locked in as the face of the franchise through age 36.  Mark Teixeira, on the other hand, will become a free agent after 2008 and is represented by Scott Boras.  The Mets could be a suitor, but the Rangers will discuss an extension with him first.


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Teixiera will be a Yank.

1) The Yanks have been saving up for him.

2) he idolizes Don Mattingly (hence his #23), and would probably take less money to play for/under him. He has speculated in the past what it'd be like to play for him.

Thank you for that useless bit of information. That's still two years away, so who can tell. Maybe he will. But a lot of guys who were surefire Yankees (Carlos Beltran) didn't end up that way.

Anyway, some of these extensions buying out free agent years don't seem like big bargains, like the Chase Utley one. I'm dubious anyone was going to give Utley more once he reached free agency. The same, maybe. More? Hmmm. People assume salaries will keep going up and up but the money spent this offseason has topped a lot of teams out. The Blue Jays, Cubs, and others don't have much left to spend.

Yeah that is true...not a huge bargain but looks to be right around market value. Who knows what salaries will do? More and more money should pour into the game.

This has nothing to do with Michael Young but...

When was the last time an apparantly healthy All-Star had trouble finding a guaranteed Major League deal the following winter?

Yanks could make a run after Tex after 08 unless they still honestly believe Eric Duncan can actually contribute to their team anytime in the near future. Chase does have a good point, Tex does idolize Mattingly and would definitely be open to the idea of playing under Mattingly if the Yanks do end up actually naming Mattingly manager after this season as everyone is speculating.

I don't understand the Young-Utley comparisons. The Utley deal was given to a guy a couple of years younger who puts up better numbers at a position that lacks any real comprable to him. Utley is appearing to be entering the prime of his career. Young, while an excellent shortstop, is not the premier player at his position and almost certainly will not be worth as much as Utley over the life of the contract, especially given the sharp drop in power numbers shown last year.

Offense from a second baseman is way cheaper than offense from a shortstop, it's also easier to produce a 2b than a shortstop. Who was going to give Utley more than $15 million a year? once he hit free agency at what, age 33? You can't say "Hey it looks like he's entering his prime years" with any more reliability than you could when the Phillies locked up Pat Burrell to a "cheaper" pre-free agency deal, or Marcus Giles.

People made the same assumption in 2000 that more money would go into the game and prices would go on infinitely. "Wow! Did you see those Mo Vaughn and Todd Helton contracts? How about Chan Ho Park, Darren Dreifort, and Mike Hampton! At this rate by the year 2003 a #4 starter will cost $40 million a year!"

Well there is a limit. Teams are already spending a lot and a lot of teams don't have a lot more money to spend. This spending spree comes from a lot of the old crap contracts coming off the books and other guys locked up cheaper. I seriously doubt Chase Utley was looking at a $17 million a year contract after he hit free agency at his age.

Finding a good hitting 2b is not that difficult. Marcus Giles fell into the Padres' lap for nothing, and he's the same age as Utley.

Dental, I followed your Giles-Kinsler discussion since Kinsler hasn't proved anything, but Giles has no merit when comparing him to Utley. Giles had one good year, & even that wasn't as good as either of the 2 straight years Utley's produced. Giles fell into the Pads laps because he was terrible last year & wouldn't even be their starter if they hadn't traded away Barfield.

You say good higging 2B is easy to find? Then name another one that can be mentioned in the same breath as Utley from last year. Uggla's the only one who comes close, then it's a massive dropoff. Roberts has potential, but can never stay healthy & lost his power last year. As far as good hitting SS, there's Jeter, Reyes, Rollins, H. Ramirez, Tejada, Young, Guillen, & even Furcal. Also, it wasn't too long ago that Jeter/A-Rod/Tejada were considered some of the best hitters in the game. So how is it harder to find a good hitting SS than a good hitting 2B? Maybe you can find a couple with a good avg., but not many full packages.

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