Papelbon Back To Pen

It’s not a trade rumor, but it’s somewhat related.  According to ESPN’s Erin Andrews, the Red Sox are expected to announce Jonathan Papelbon‘s return to the closer role today.  Somewhere, Joel Pineiro just shed a tear.  Papelbon hopes to become the next Mariano Rivera.

My guess is that the Sox will use a stopgap solution in the fifth starter spot until Jon Lester is ready, perhaps by late April.  Personally, I like the decision.  Baseball Prospectus’s Nate Silver summed it up well:

"I understand full well that a great starter is more valuable than a great reliever. But in Papelbon’s case, the risk is too high to justify the reward."

Curt Schilling discusses the transition at his blog.  Check out the fantasy ramifications over at RotoAuthority.

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