Random Dodger Tidbits

Over the last week, a few interesting updates surfaced from Vero Beach. None of which really warrant their own post, so I thought I’d gather some of them together.

  • Chad Billingsley, once thought to be the leader for the Dodgers fifth starter position, will open the season from the bullpen. Dodgers management seems to be a little worried about teaming his give-it-all delivery with his tendency for high-pitch counts right from the get-go of the season.
  • Mark Hendrickson is having the spring one would expect from a career 4.98 ERA, 1.46 WHIP pitcher; he’s given up six runs in 6 2/3 innings. This mediocre-at-best showing coupled with his lack-luster performance last season seems to leave the race between Brett Tomko and Hung-Chih Kuo.
  • Speaking of Kuo, he tested positive for a "MLB-banned substance" sometime before the Asian Games in Qatar. Kuo’s agent and a Taiwanese Olympic official say the results are due to pain or cold medication, and Kuo is not expected to face disciplinary actions.

-Jacob Burch

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