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Today's Waiver Deadline Could Force Teams' Hands

When it comes to making baseball personnel decisions, there are deadlines after deadlines.  Today at 2 P.M., teams must decide about players to ask waivers to release or outright waivers.  The speculation in Philadelphia is that this could make some players available for trade that had been unavailable earlier.

One such player is RHP Francisco Rosario of the Blue Jays.  He's out of options, has had a decent spring training, and yesterday, the Phillies had a radar gun pointed in his direction.

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Rosario strikes out a lot of guys. In the NL he could be a very good reliever and he's one of our top prospects in a below average system.

What would the return likely be for Rosario?

A few veteran relievers shook loose today:

- Scott Strickland, who appeared to be having a solid spring for the Padres (3.37 ERA in 10.2 IP, 12 H, 4 BB, 9 K, 2 HBP).
- Two from the Marlins - Felix Rodriguez (1.64 ERA, 11 IP, 7 H, 10 BB (!), 4 K) and Mike Koplove (8.21 ERA, 7.1 IP, 9 H, 7 BB, 11 K).
- Paul Shuey, released after struggling with an ankle injury, could be ready soon.
- Kelly Wunsch (only 1/3 of an awful inning in before getting cut by the Astros) could hook on as a LOOGY somewhere.

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