Brad Halsey Wants Out

In case you missed it, A’s pitcher Brad Halsey was less than amused when the team chose to go with Dallas Braden for Tuesday’s start.  Halsey believed that the A’s found out about his scheduled MRI, which would have come after the start.  He felt that the team chose not to promote him because they don’t want to pay him Major League DL money if he starts Tuesday and turns up injured shortly thereafter. 

Additionally, Halsey is probably still annoyed about receiving a $1,000 fine in ’04 for throwing a high and tight one to Dave Roberts, nearly inciting a Red Sox-Yankees brawl.  He should at least get to plunk the guy on the back if it’s going to cost him a grand.

Don’t we have to consider the possibility that Billy Beane just wanted to see a screwball live?  I know that would factor into my decision.  Dallas Braden doesn’t throw hard, but rather relies on deception and the old scroogie.  Let’s just hope his arm doesn’t snap off throwing that thing.

Halsey is a hittable, low strikeout southpaw with four unexceptional pitches.  He was last traded for a pretty decent pitcher in Juan Cruz. Because of his fifth-starter type success with the D’Backs in ’05, I imagine Beane can find an NL suitor.  I guess his new team is going to have to administer the MRI.

Halsey’s complaint may speak to a bigger issue regarding the A’s medical care. Check out the Athletics Nation take on that here.

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