Brian Anderson Trade Near?

Between Ozzie Guillen’s words and actions, it’s safe to say he does not like Brian Anderson.  I don’t know if it’s BA’s attitude or something else, but he’s had his chance and he’s not getting another one with the White Sox.  He did get 365 ABs last year, so you can’t say he didn’t get a legitimate shot.  Anderson seemed to be making some progress offensively in July and August of ’06, but regressed in September.

Nathaniel Whalen of the Daily Southtown reads between the lines, and thinks a change of scenery might make sense here.  Anderson’s minor league record is still contributing to a healthy PECOTA projection: .265/.324/.447.  That’s pretty good for a CF, especially if he’s a plus defender.

In the past, the Giants and Rangers have inquired about Anderson.  I feel like the Marlins did too, but can’t find a record of it.  The Fish in particular can afford to let Anderson develop at the big league level.  Perhaps the Padres, A’s, or Nationals would get involved as well.  They haven’t been major deals, but Jim Bowden has been Kenny Williams’s most frequent trading partner over the years.

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