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Phils Get Help for the Pen

Phillies assistant general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. announced that the Phillies have acquired Francisco Rosario from the Toronto Blue Jays in return for "cash considerations".  The Phillies have started the season 0-2 with both games being lost in extra innings after allowing the Braves to score on the bullpen late in regulation to tie the game, squandering a good start by Brett Myers and a great start by Cole Hamels.

Rosario pitched to a 6.65 ERA in 17 appearances with the Blue Jays last season, but as we mentioned last week, he was having a very good spring.  Out of options, the Jays elected to trade him rather than cut someone else from the 25-man roster.

The Phillies are expected to make another roster move in order to create room on their 25-man roster for Rosario.  Since Zack Segovia will be needed to start a game against the Marlins this weekend, it's likely Joe Bisenius or Clay Condrey will be the odd man out.

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He was our 6th best prospect in our farm. Riccardi wastes him for nothing. Boo. He's a good strikeout pitcher and I think he'll be good in the NL. Our team has no bullpen depth, why didn't he just keep him? (if a reliever is moved to start).

Ah... the missing piece. Watch out NL East!


On a side note, anyone else praying that Maine hits Jimmy in the ribs with the first pitch next Monday? Mets home opener + first game against the lowly Phills....

On the other hand, our spanking of the defending world series champs could do the talking.

Savvy move by the Phillies - similar to getting Fabio Castro for pennies last year when Castro wasn't good enough to last as a Rule Ver in the AL.
Every NL team should be trying to do this - find A.L. pitchers who are out of options and can't effectively pitch in the A.L., but have upside and will at least be adequate in the NL.

Hey Phils fans....I know Adam Eaton got pounded today. But I need a backup pitcher in my pool bad...should i trade Emil Brown and a pick swap for him? Maybe play him against "easy" teams.

That's classy Jersey. I think everyone considers this a solid pickup, it isn't like they gave anyone up.

Guitar Hero, personally I'm not sure I'd rely on Adam Eaton for anything, ever. And my NL team is the Phillies. :|

I'm sure you can find someone that gets called up that would benefit you more than Eaton.

its the structure of the league...you can't pick up players...guys are stiff asses in trades....need a backup. But yeah, he doesn't look like a healthy or even that useable pitcher.

I would trade Emil Brown for Eaton, sure. One bad start does not a season make. He'll be fine.

And what about my post was lacking class? The sarcasm regarding Rosario? Yeah, I was being sarcastic regarding the "missing piece" comment. I never said this wasn't a good pickup. The Phills need all the bullpen help they can get.

If it was regarding Rollins, then I don't know what to tell you. He should just never opened his big mouth. Now he did all that talking, and they are 0-3, while the Braves are 3-0, and the Mets manhandled the defending WS champs, and are 3-0.

Well I don't mean to be arguing with you about it, it's just I really
I'm surprised you took Rollins' comment so personally, that's all. I think everyone's got the right to be optimistic about their team's chances before the season. Look at that division, and it really looks like there are 4 legit teams there.

But do you really expect him to say "Yeah I see us ending up taking the WC behind the Mets."? I know you'd prefer silence, but not everyone is going to be like that.

I'd just figure it'd take a little more to piss you off, you know, like a guy beating the crap out of his wife. Then I'd be with you on wanting to see him get beaned.

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