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Phils Make Offer for Rosario

From Ken Rosenthal's latest:

The Phillies are one of three clubs that have made trade offers for Blue Jays right-hander Francisco Rosario, who is out of minor-league options.

Rosario has very little major league experience, just 23 innings with Toronto last year, but put up some very good numbers in the International League before that and has had a very good spring in Dunedin.

Outside of inexperience and a checkered health history, Rosario has the type of stuff the Phillies could use in their bullpen right now.  His fastball reaches 96 and misses bats, something even good pitchers in the Phillies pen don't do a lot.

It might be worth the low-level prospect the Jays would want.

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I don't see how a Lieber for Rosario deal is unfair? You get a reliever who will strikeout NL hitters by the boatload and practically all of his service time for Lieber. Garcia is fine, isn't he? Not like Lieber is that good, in fact, at age 37 and in the AL East he's closer to bust than stud, but nonetheless the Jays could use him.

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