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In case you haven’t tried it yet, the MLBTR Reader Blog is a great place to express your opinions on baseball topics not mentioned on MLBTR.  It’s also a chance to show off your writing chops and promote your own blog or writing.

Dan Lewis of Armchair GM has a challenge.  The premise: using the last 25 years of team history, put together the best possible team using only one player per year and each player only once.  You can then use simulators to see how good your lineup really is.  Take a look at his Mets roster and Davis21wylie’s Red Sox roster.

BallinJones has a discussion going on Akinori Iwamura – is he the real deal?

DunkinDonuts has an intelligent analysis of Boston’s current Coco Crisp predicament.

Hop over and vote up your favorite postings and comments, and write a few of your own!

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