Welcoming Two More Writers

I just added John Peterson to help with the Mets coverage – you can read his first post here.  I would also like to welcome two additional writers to the team.

Dan LaToraca is an English major at the University of Scranton, writes for the school newspaper, and follows the Yankees religiously.  He’s often seen in the press box at Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees games (Triple A).  Dan already has a Phil Hughes interview to his credit (did you know Phil likes to listen to AFI and Rise Against?)  Dan will write about the big club and the Triple A team.  Maybe he’ll get to talk to Kei Igawa in Scranton in a few weeks (kidding).

Nik Kolidas is a recording artist from NYC and a die hard Mets fan since the late 70’s.  He’s written political editorials for NY Newsday, been a guest blogger on many daily Mets boards and never misses a game.  He has a vast knowledge of Mets history ranging from Roger Craig through Billy Wagner.  His Mets claim to fame is standing by the third base dugout in Shea on October 25, 1986 as Mookie Wilson hit the dirt.  Nik and John will work together to cover the Mets.

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