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Indians To Trade Jason Davis

27 year-old Indians reliever Jason Davis was designated for assignment on Monday, so the clock is ticking for Mark Shapiro to trade him.  As a healthy, cheap pitcher with good control, Davis will draw plenty of interest.

Davis would like to return to starting after spending all of 2006 as a reliever.  Like a lot of pitchers, Davis could really blossom in the National League.  He gets plenty of groundballs and can keep his walk rate under 3 per nine.

Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer speculates that the Tigers, Blue Jays, Royals, Phillies, Giants, Reds, Braves, and Nationals would all make sense.  His speculation considers Davis a reliever, so you can really open it up to most teams in baseball if you think of him as a starter.  The Marlins, Braves, and Astros all have a need for starting pitching help.  If I'm Davis's agent, I'm campaigning for him to join Atlanta and try to work his way into a rotation spot.  Of course, for pure opportunity you can't beat the Nationals.  Somehow, though, I have a feeling that Omar Minaya will snag him just for depth.


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I would not mind taking a chance on davis, he would definetly be an upgrade over redman. However, I would not say a rotation spot is available just yet. Anthony Lerew looked good last nite, and Davies looked decent on sunday. But for depth purposes, id take davis in a heart beat

Just hope this doesn't turn out being the Brandon Phillips deal all over. Shapiro doesn't have a great track record so far when he puts himself in the position where he HAS to trade someone. Hopefully other team's need for pitching will get The Tribe a decent prospect for Davis. In the mean time I guess we can just keep hoping Jeff Stevens turns into a big leaguer one day.

Omar Minaya would make a great GM profile. Mr. Minaya would like to add depth to the bullpen cause right now only Sele is the long man and can go more than 1 relief inning and Davis sounds like he fits the bill and with El Duque hurt and Pelfrey struggling, he could be welcome. All he needs to do is shave his head.

The Roger Clemens issue and Houston is way overblown. They are either at the top or near the top in quality starts and Brandon Backe is making a miraculous comeback from Tommy John. I don't know why everyone thinks Houston is so desperate for starting pitching when pitching is not our problem.

i wouldn't mind if they added another quality veteran to the top of the rotation that could eat more innings. who knows how long some of those kids can keep it going. but your right, they definitely don't need another youngster for the rotation r/n

If he isn't traded Kc has picked up a nice Pitcher.

As of today, Jason Davis is a Mariner. Poor guy...

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