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Jose Castillo Requests Trade

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 26 year-old second baseman Jose Castillo had his agent ask the Pirates for a trade.  Devan Kovacevic says Castillo was widely available this winter but generated little interest.  He names the Mets as a possible suitor given Jose Valentin's injury. 

As I mentioned in my Castillo Let's Make A Deal post, outside of a single month (May '06), Castillo hasn't really done anything to justify a starting job. He skipped Triple A, and might benefit from playing every day at that level.   


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Outside 2 good years at A ball (2000 & 2002), he hasn't done anything in his career, especially not in the big leagues.

I would much rather stick with the Easley/Gotay platoon. I don't see Castillo outperforming them.

Although, if the price is right, it can't hurt having some 2B depth in AAA. I wouldn't want Omar to send anything of significant value.

Castillo need to embrace the ULT or his career is over I doubt he will ever get a starting job.

I'm not sure he would be a good fit with the mets either. Easley has like 5 homers and 10 rbi's in like 50 at bats. His glove while below average isn't horrible. That's where Gotay comes in when needed. Sure Castilla could be an uprgrade on the Gotay end with the glove, but if they want a weak hitting-slick fielding middle infielder on thier roster they can just bring up Anderson Hernandez who can do the same job as Castilla. Valentin will be back sooner than expected because he needs 400 at bats to pick up his option. And with the lineup the Mets have, as long as the 2bman isn't kicking the ball all over the infield, they should be able to hold the fort.

If he is not good enough for the Pirates, he is not good enough for the Mets.

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