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Angels Could Get In On Teixeira

We know the Angels have been kicking the tires on Adam Dunn and Miguel Tejada already.  Today, Mike DiGiovanna of the L.A. Times suggests that the Angels would get involved on Mark Teixeira if he becomes available.  Somewhere, Casey Kotchman just wept silently on the inside.

Arte Moreno raised an interesting point yesterday - it takes two to tango.  True, Bill Stoneman has not been an active trader, but the Angels were 15 minutes away from a Tejada blockbuster last summer.  And Moreno also hinted that the price for Adam Dunn was indeed exorbitant.


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Although I do understand that it "takes two to tango", it really becomes difficult accepting that as an excuse after years and years of the same results...

Over the last 5 years Stoneman has 14 trades (1 was voided), which is less than 3 a year ~ and that includes the deals dumping players like Yan, Weaver and J.Guillen. Over those 5 years he also has yet to make a single in-season deal to improve his club at all; all the deadline deals are dumps or for minor league players. Where it does take two teams to make it happen, for all the rumored deals over those years atleast one or two of them would have had to of gone through if he was really a GM willing to make a trade.

I live in the SoCal area and listening to the sports talk stations last year was rough. It seemed like every station was tearing into Bill for constantly doing nothing to help his club. It was almost 24/7 "why can't he atleast make a smaller deal to help the team" talk and there were callers calling for his job if he didn't. I wonder if that might have something to do with the "15min away from Tejada" thing we are hearing about now; but it could also be nothing more than spin by the Angels to make it look like he's willing to help his club in the face of fans screaming he isnt...

I mean, wasn't Tejada demanding a trade at the time? If he was then I find it very hard to believe Santana/Aybar wouldn't have gotten it done in a heartbeat for Balt, those two were both hot names in talks.

Sure, Stoneman very well could make a deal and bring someone in, it just seems so unlikely since we have heard all these rumors surrounding the team every 6 months (Dec & July) and not one has ever taken place. I think its much more likely that at the end of the year the folks in Anaheim will again be looking at a team which missed or was eliminated quickly from the playoffs and point to the lack of activity by the front office as the blame.

If Anaheim is really worried about fan perception then they have to make a deal this year. They have too many holes on the club, and the fans grow more and more weary of a GM who took a WS champ and removed all the loveable parts that got them there for high-priced ego types with only similar talent. The lack of deals to fill needs and the hoarding of young talent which has spend most of the time on the DL is way past getting old. Stoneman almost needs to overspend just to make sure he brings someone in if he ever expects to be thought of as someone here to make the team better.

Otherwise, he needs to go!

This is only interesting if they are thinking of moving Teixeira back to 3B...what's the point of having 2 GG quality 1B?

Honestly, Teixeira provides a 1 win at most upgrade over Kotchman, if any at all.

But Teixeira's a BIG NAME who gets fans excited and it gives you the illusion you're actually doing something.

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