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Barrett, Zambrano Have It Out

This is going to have trade implications.  You may have seen the video of Carlos Zambrano and Michael Barrett having something of a slap fight in the Cubs' dugout today.  Something to do with a Barrett passed ball; it seems that Zambrano may have been truly ignited when Barrett gestured to the scoreboard, perhaps reminding Zambrano of the seven runs he allowed.

If the extent of it was the dugout scuffle, this would be something that could blow over.  However, the fighting spilled over to the locker room.  Lou Piniella mentions in his press conference that Barrett was sent to the hospital for a busted lip.  CubDumb, a source I trust for inside Cubs info, has found Barrett's injuries to be far worse than a split lip.  As they say, Barrett probably wouldn't go to the hospital for that.  If the 255 lb. Zambrano really gave Barrett a frighteningly severe beating in the locker room, he probably punched his ticket out of Chicago.

Both players are free agents after this season, and it's certainly possible the Cubs retain neither.  Zambrano's five-year, $85MM or so extension was tabled in April, not a bad move for the Cubs.  I don't think Zambrano is all the sudden a worthless pitcher, but I still think his best years are behind him.  Despite his struggles, Jim Hendry could get a very useful young player or two for him this July.

Barrett's future is in doubt, as no one as ever been thrilled with his defense or handling of the pitching staff.  I think these aspects are typically overplayed in the media, and that a catcher who hits well is worth it.  The biggest problem with trading him or letting him walk is that the Cubs have no one to replace him and the free agent market is bleak.  The Blue Jays have had interest in Barrett in the past, but are not in a position to acquire a player in his walk year.   

Bonus random thought: I do not want to see newspaper columnists continue to say the Cubs are third in the league in "hitting" because they have a .266 team batting average.  Here in 2007, we know that batting average is just a subset of on-base percentage, for which the Cubs rank eighth.  They are eighth in OBP, seventh in slugging.  Their offense has been right in the middle of the pack.


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Barrett for Kendall.

Book it. lol

what about a three way deal with the mets and braves? Send Big Z to NY. Send Lastings Millege to ATL and send Saltalamacchia to the cubbies...is that not do-able?? if need be, the braves could even throw in Oscar Villareal...

LOL, I would love for the cubs to get salty........... But at this point in time he is nothing more than a prospect. As a cubs fan I would take that as a ass raping by the mets while atlanta gains possibly nothing possibly something and the same for the cubs.

The Braves don't usually go after players with character flaws like Milledge and Z. Do you really think they will give up their top prospect for either of those players who wouldn't fit into our clubhouse? That certainly isn't a JS move. There is no way the Braves are involved in a deal for Z whether that be a 3-team deal or straight up.

Yanks and Cubs could swap headaches sending Abreu to the Cubs for Z. Maybe add a pitching spec on the Yankees end. Abreu takes RF; trade Murton for a RP. Yankees obviously need pitching. Maybe Farnsworth and Z can go at although Z does have a nice weight advantage.

Yankees get zambrano and a pitching prospect for abreu? Wow, this place is always worth a laugh.

Abreu is still a damn good player. Z is washed up. He will still be a good pitcher but as the post suggests, his best years are behind him and he even knows it. The Cubs have rode his arm while they have seen Wood and Prior cave. It's a miracle he hasn't needed surgery yet. Z is a basket case, your going to can Torre and perhaps Cashman anyhow. He will fit right in and I imagine both players would welcome the change. Add Humberto Sanchez or if I were the Cubs Betances and that is a done deal in my book.

Oh and it was the Yankees give a pitching spec and Abreu for Z...maybe I wasn't clear enough in my original post but I thought it was when I said the Yankees add a pitching spec on their end.

Wow, Abreu is still a damn good player, but Z is washed up? I agree Abreu is a lot better than he is playing right now, but at this point of his career and the money he makes there is no way in hell they trade Z and a prospect for him. Everyone keeps talking about how zambrano is going to blow his arm out, yet he throws mainly fastballs and sinkers. Something that doesnt cause as much wear and tear.

Oh ok, gotcha. My bad didnt mean to sound like a dick. I thought that is maybe what you said, just they way you wrote it I was like wow lol.

As I said, the Yanks are trading Abreu and an arm for Z. Abrue comes in, plays solid for a season and walks. They get some draft picks as compensation and they have a damn good pitching spec in Betances. Meanwhile the Yankees get the first crack at resigning Z and get to start throwing their prospects away early just before the new GM comes in so he has the same problems to deal with.

No biggie. It's almost 5 am so I certainly don't blame you.

Remember when the author of the blog said "The Cubs should give Barrett whatever he wants?" And Rotoauthority (are they the same guy?) said "I'll laugh at anyone who takes Barrett over Varitek."

Well, unless he's catching Wakefield, Varitek wouldn't have 5 errors and 7 passed balls by this time in the season, and just look lost behind the plate and have no composure. This is what I was talking about in that earlier thread - this guy is not the field general you want behind the plate at all. Zambrano is of course insane but this was like putting Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger together in a locked room with a bunch of weapons, something bad was bound to happen.

Anyway, I'm reading a lot of loser trades for Zambrano, the Cubs have no reason to deal him for worse value than they'd get for the two draft picks they'll get when he walks. Certainly, a team with a winning record will sign him, like the Mets or Yankees. That means a pick in the first round in the second half and a high supplemental draft pick. Better to get that than these rotten "Bobby not hitting anything Abreu and Jose Vizcaino" trades.

So you wouldn't take a pitching spec in the top 100 (Betances) and Abreu who might still grant you 2 picks? For Z who could blow out his arm at any moment or simply punch out his manager?

Betances signed with the Yankees because he made it clear he didn't want to pitch anywhere else. That's why he lasted as long as he did, his monetary demands were not outrageous. Why should the Cubs take a guy who's going to be miserable if he's not pitching for his hometown team?

I wonder how many players in the modern era have said those exact same words...you have any idea? I bet it's a tone. How many do you think changed their minds? Almost all of them would be the correct answer. What makes you think he would be any different? Besides, the way things are going; it could be a real bummer playing for the Yankees in a few years if they don't right their sinking ship soon. I think they will but I don't think it's a team you limit your professional career to. Z is miserable now so I fail to see how it's much different. Players in the minors serve two purposes. One, to supply the big league team with talent and two, to use in trades. The Yankees tend to choose the later and Z is about as big of a FA target there is next year.

There's probably a better trade out there with players that aren't so determined to play with one team. Think about Brian Giles, if the Padres traded Giles to another team, he'd probably be useless because he doesn't want to play anywhere else.

Perhaps but Giles is almost useless anyhow at this point. I get what you are saying but I doubt the kid gives up on his career this early because the Yankees traded him like they did almost every other decent spec they have had in the past 8-10 years. I think Z would thrive on the atmosphere or it would devour him. Either way the Yankees are pretty desperate and Abreu is nothing but a spare part at this point. Giving up Betances will hurt in the future but there is still of course the chance that Z’s arm never actually does fall off. There are other options of course but it's one of the first to came to my head so I'm sticking with it. It seems a lot more likely then the Braves landing Milledge in a 3 team swap where we give up Salty. In case you didn’t see the article, the Braves barely have any African Americans and I doubt they want to start with a kid who has had more success raping than playing baseball. I still think he could be a fine ball player but he needs to focus on baseball and fix a few of his character flaws. Braves normally don't take chances on such players.

Sorry for the spelling errors. I shouldn't have stayed up this late and at this point, there is no use in going to sleep. I was using more paragraphs earlier in the evening as well. :D

We'll take Barrett in Toronto, and send Greg Zaun back. Really tho what ever happened to solid Defensive catchers. Seems the league has switched to Offense first when it comes to catchers and the defensive guy is the backup.

in TO I'd actualy want Sal Fasano starting, the guy can't swing a bat at all. But he is amazing when handling pitchers and can throw out runners. Apparently he even showed Halladay a different way to grip the ball when throwing a breaking ball that won't cause Him forearm strain. I'll gladly take 1 guy that can't hit if it makes my pitching staff alot better.

Any player that winds up in Atlanta knows that they are a first class organization that will not put up with character flaws, egos, ect...We've had players in the past who have had I guess you could say, "character flaws". Remember Sheffield, JD Drew, Raul Mondesi? Sure, their time in a Braves uniform was short, but they all knew they had to be on their best behavior & hustle. I can't see Atlanta trading Salty. We need a consistent 1B & Scott Thorman just isn't cutting it at the moment. We released Craig Wilson because he wasn't hitting, & are trying to see if Thor can be an everyday 1B, but we have our doubts. Salty has been taking grounders at 1B everyday. I see him making his debut at 1B anytime now. McCann is our franchise catcher, so either Salty makes the transition to 1B, or maybe Schuerholz will trade him for a quality starter.

Why on earth would the Cubs want another outfielder?

How can you say Abreu is still good but Zambrano is washed up? I don't understand why when one stuggles he is fine but the other isn't.

Why would the Yankees want another pitcher? When people are health they have 5 solid pitchers. They don't need 6 starters.

If it was a trade for Zambrano, the Cubs would start by asking for Cano/Tabata. I don't see the Yanks wanting to give those guys up. And since there is a pretty big drop off after Tabata, it would take 2 or 3 of the likes of Kennedy/Betances/ Chamberlain/Clippard. And there is no way the Yanks are going to sell away their depth for a rental.

Basically, no way this happens.

Regarding Abreu for Zambrano.

Isn't Abreu's no-trade clause still in effect? Wouldn't the Yankees have to pay him like the Phillies did and wouldn't Abreu have to want to move to Chicago?

Whoever mentioned Zambrano in a three way with the Mets and Braves is out of their mind. I can understand the Cubs being involved with either one of those two teams but I doubt that the Mets and Braves would be involved in any trade that would net either one of them a front-line starter in a pennant race. The only way I see those two dealing are if the players involved have a minimal effect for both sides.

My two cents, I think Zambrano gets traded to the Yankees for Johnny Damon (if Chicago is on his limited no-trade list) along with some additions on the side.

SP Carlos Zambrano ($12.4 M)
OF Angel Pagan


CF Johnny Damon ($13 M)
RP Chris Britton

The Cubs get a CF and some relief help. The Yankees move one of their aging OFers and get a possible corner outfield prospect to eventually replace Abreu and/or Matsui ands ome front-line starter help.

ok 1st of all jza. if that trade happens the yanks will walk away with the upper hand on that trade.. dude no joke johnny is so over rated.. his O is ok he makes you pay with his D wow.. he shouldn't even play he should jus DH. and Z told news papers earlier in the yr that he doesn't want to go to the yanks.

And who ever said Z is washed up dude if he comes to the mets. you really think that he won't be as good as he before come on ppl look at the stats of the mets pitching stuff and who they are ..if rickyy could do that much stuff with those player think about what he could do with Big Z ..i see him as a met really soon..Omar even said it it's either santana or Z...Lets wait and see haha..go mets ! ! !

ok 1st of all jza. if that trade happens the yanks will walk away with the upper hand on that trade.. dude no joke johnny is so over rated.. his O is ok he makes you pay with his D wow.. he shouldn't even play he should jus DH. and Z told news papers earlier in the yr that he doesn't want to go to the yanks.

And who ever said Z is washed up dude if he comes to the mets. you really think that he won't be as good as he before come on ppl look at the stats of the mets pitching stuff and who they are ..if rickyy could do that much stuff with those player think about what he could do with Big Z ..i see him as a met really soon..Omar even said it it's either santana or Z...Lets wait and see haha..go mets ! ! !

ok 1st of all jza. if that trade happens the yanks will walk away with the upper hand on that trade.. dude no joke johnny is so over rated.. his O is ok he makes you pay with his D wow.. he shouldn't even play he should jus DH. and Z told news papers earlier in the yr that he doesn't want to go to the yanks.

And who ever said Z is washed up dude if he comes to the mets. you really think that he won't be as good as he before come on ppl look at the stats of the mets pitching stuff and who they are ..if rickyy could do that much stuff with those player think about what he could do with Big Z ..i see him as a met really soon..Omar even said it it's either santana or Z...Lets wait and see haha..go mets ! ! !

Not getting why Barrett getting beat up would make him worse than Varitek now.

the question that I have is...who do you think won that fight? I know Z is heavy but Barrett has experience with fights before...cough AJ cough

Jza, OMG you are funny as hell. We give Zambrano and Pagan for damon and britton. LMAO we already have too many outfielders, and you want us to take 2 more when giving away one and zambrano. For damon and britton LMAO.

I am pretty sure that Zambrano isnt going to get traded for this.

DJ Kurioo,

Oh, I totally think the Cubs are going to lose out if they trade Zambrano. His value is at an all-time low, there's no guarantee that the receiving team will be able to re-sign him, his production is lacking so far this season and his reputation has been questioned.

Damon, while overrated, is a short-term option at CF and would allow Pie to ease into the role and Jones wouldn't have to play out of position. He also allows Soriano to move out of the leadoff spot and to push him into the heart of the order.


the Cubs wouldn't be receiving two OF's. They'd be receiving one and a relief pitcher, which their bullpen is in need of.

Britton hasn't pitched much this season (2 IP), but he's still young (24) and had a solid year for the Orioles last season (53.7 IP, 3.35 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, 41 Ks). He also dominates against right-handed batters (.186 BAA, .232 OBP and .333 Slugging).

I actually don't think Pagan really projects to be anything special either. Maybe a solid fourth or fifth outfielder which the Cubs don't need.

The Cubs should have absolutely no interest in Johnny Damon or Bobby Abreu.

Peddle that overrated, overpaid stuff elsewhere.

For Zambrano the Cubs will be looking for quality pre-arb players and/or elite prospects. Not has-beens.

The Yankees could give Abreu and someone like Clippard, maybe a reliever liek Vizcaino, and cash for Zambrano and Murton.

Only a young pitcher like Zambrano or D-Train will shake loose some of teh Yankees' young arms.

Zambrano is only 26. I wonder if he'd fit in with the Nationals.

I could easily see the Cubs trading Z, just not right now. If they are pretty much out of the race by the deadline and they've not signed him to an extension by then, why not cut your losses before they get Soriano'd like the Nationals did.


I mean timmy you are a retard in a wheelchair, your idea of a fair trade is a joke.

Who is to say the cubs are out of it? If the cubs win tomorrow and milwaukee loses, then chicago takes 3 out of 4 in milwaukee they will be 4.5 games out with games to make up.Milwaukee has played well against the central but is 3-3 against the cubs this season with both teams take 2 out of 3 on the road. It is just stupid to count anyone out of the NL central with 100+ games to play still.

And again, you guys are failing to realize that Zambrano's worth is at an all-time low.

He's basically a rental for half a season and his performance so far this year has been subpar and marred with controversy.

If you think that the Cubs are going to get everything under the sun for half a season of Zambrano, then you really have no clue about the situation.

Just like saying if you think the cubs are going to give him up for very little just because the other team will only have him for a half year than you have no idea about the situation.

So enlighten me. What other intangibles are there that need to be discussed?

Zambrano's lackluster performance this year?

The possibility that any team he gets traded to won't have the guarantee that he won't bolt back to the Cubs in free agency?

The possibility that if they are forced to make Blanco Zambrano's personal catcher, that they are removing an important piece of their line-up?

That he has a history of tantrums and his latest escapade has cast an even more negative light on his character?

That he's renowned for passing the buck when it comes to personal responsibility?

That many critics are considering that his arm might be dead after pitching 900 innings over the past 4+ seasons?

Face it, his value is at an all-time low and the Cubs are faced with the tough decision of signing him to an extension at season's end (which they might not do).

So should they let him possibly sign with a different team with virtually no compensation at season's end or try to acquire something and then possibly re-sign him at the end of the year?

jza --

Letting Zambrano walk and taking the 1st and supplemental draft picks >>>> trading Z for Johnny Damon.

Some of you proposing these Big Z to the Yanks for Abreu rumors are seriously delusional.

You're blabbering about Big Zs value being at an all time low? Who the hell would want Abreu right now? And next year at what? 16 or 18 mil? Are you kidding? Seriously these trade proposals are worse than anything I've ever seen Jaque Jones brought up in.

And some of you are saying the cubs would then need to include another player like murton/pagan to even it out? You guys cannot be serious.

BigZ's value has fallen, but do you really think every other team in MLB could not top that pathetic offer?

Jza youre right about the trade. And you didnt need to go on a long tirade but some of that was sensical. The time is now to trade Big Z. And it is obviously much better to get something in return than to just see him walk.

With that said, Bobby Abreu, Clippard, Johnny Damon etc etc are not even CLOSE to a fair deal

Oh, I definitely think that other teams will be able to top the trade, but it also has to work out financially and dependant on if the team is playoff caliber.

We also can come to some reasonable conclusions as to which teams won't be in the running.

IMO, the Angels won't be a viable trade contender because they seem like they won't trade any of their prospects at all.

I don't think the Twins will be ones either because they don't seem to make that many trades for half-season rentals and wouldn't sacrifice their farm system to pick up a player who's salary they wouldn't be able to afford to keep. I don't think the Indians and Mariners will be in the mix for similar reasons in that they have contract problems to work out with Ichiro, Sabathia and Hafner.

I also think that the A's are going to be sellers rather than buyers this season. I doubt that players like Jack Cust, Dan Haren, Joe Kennedy and Chad Gaudin can keep up their current rate of production and eventually they'll hit a big slide.

They won't/shouldn't trade to their NL Central rivals the Brewers or Cardinals and pitching seems to be the least of the NL West teams troubles as well as Detroit

Out of all the teams in the running for the playoffs, I think that the only ones capable of swinging a deal with Chicago would be Boston and both NY teams.
Maybe Atlanta.

Granted, I posted a lowball offer for the Yankees, but I doubt any of those teams will offer any amazing deals and I was just using that as a starting point. I wasn't even defending that deal much in my post, but moreso the rudeness of people's responses.

Probably the best that I think each team would offer would be:

Mets: Lastings Milledge and Phil Humber

Yankees: Humberto Sanchez, Tyler Clippard and one of their young pitching prospects like Dellin Betances or Ian Kennedy.

Boston: Craig Hansen, Jon Lester and Jed Lowrie

Atlanta: Jarrod Saltamacchia, Elvis Andrus and Mike Gonzalez or Rafael Soriano.

Barret getting punched out is hilarious. I guess he can't fight if he can't sucker punch somebody. What a wuss.

You are calling Barrett a wuss? Lets see you even have to balls to go toe to toe with 6-5 260lb. Zambrano. I would pay a LOT of money to see what your face looked like when he was done with you.

I am wondering when Omar ever said "its either Zambrano or Johan".

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