No-Trade Clause Holds Up Buehrle Extension

According to Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune, the White Sox are currently unwilling to include a no-trade clause in Mark Buehrle‘s contract extension.  It’s not enough that the Sox would get Buehrle well below market value at four years and $54MM.  Buster Olney, by the way, wonders whether the players’ union would give Buehrle a call for signing a deal like that.

Buehrle broke into the Majors in 2000, so 10-5 no-trade rights wouldn’t kick in until 2010.  The two parties might find a middle ground in a partial no-trade clause.  Paul Konerko, for example, was able to list six teams to which he can’t be traded without consent.  My guess is that Buehrle gets something similar.

Gonzales says that if a deal can’t be reached by this weekend, Buehrle will return to the trading block.  If Buehrle does sign, Jason Jennings may become the best available starter. 

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