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The Relief Market

Mark Hale of the New York Post mentions some available relievers in today's column.  The Mets, like many teams, may be looking to acquire bullpen help.  Here are Hale's trade candidates:

Chad Cordero
Jon Rauch
Eric Gagne
Akinori Otsuka
Salomon Torres

Hale's source believes the Rangers would only trade one of Otsuka/Gagne, and not both.  Some other "name" relievers who may be available leading up to the July 31st deadline, in my estimation:

Al Reyes
Octavio Dotel
David Riske
Mike MacDougal
Mike Stanton
Dave Weathers
Eddie Guardado

The Royals, Devil Rays, Rangers, Nationals, and Reds are shaping up as the clear sellers in the market so far.  The White Sox may be approaching that point.  The NL Central is so shaky that a lot of lousy under-.500 clubs will not be packing it in.  Hence the lack of Brad Lidge on this list.



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mets are welcome to have lindstrom back for Milledge :)

Hopefully the D'Rays play it smart and deal Reyes soon, just in case that bubble bursts. Maybe they can get a decent SP prospect back.

I dought all of those Reds relievers will go I would say maybe two of them to help teams out that have a chance to get into the playorffs. Course if your in the NL Stinky Central division anyone has a shot still.

I say that JS makes the move at the deadline, or at least before the deadline for a reliever. I will not be for one as a closer, as he did with farnsworth in 05 and Wickman in 06, but he will get a reliever who can sure up the middle relief, and give us another arm to help soraino and yates not get overworked.

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