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Twins After Mike Lowell?

At this time last year, Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell had surprised most people by batting .310/.357/.515.  He slumped a bit to .267/.327/.448 thereafter, but it was a major bonus when the unwanted throw-in to the Josh Beckett trade became an asset.  That year, he was actually the better part of the deal.

The Padres had about three different Lowell trade rumors floating about last year.  What began as a legitimate, sensible rumor somehow became Lowell for Jake Peavy.  I still don't know how that one picked up steam.  The Twins were mentioned, though I don't know if it ever became an official rumor.

Today, La Velle Neal III of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune writes that Lowell might be available again this year and could be a fit for the Twins if Boston eats some of his $9MM salary.  Neal says the Sox could pull a blockbuster, acquiring Mark Teixeira, moving Kevin Youkilis to third, and trading Lowell.  Sure, it's a long shot, but we're all about speculation here at MLBTR.  The guy that keeps coming to mind as a very useful possibly available Twin is Scott Baker.  I still refuse to believe that his repertoire and command can't work in a fifth or even fourth starter role in the bigs.

Ken Rosenthal recently discussed clubs that could pursue Lowell as a free agent after this season: the Yankees, Dodgers, Giants, Angels, Phillies, and Astros.  Any of those teams aside from the Yanks could look to make that move a few months early via trade. 


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Red Sox: Mark Teixera
Twins: Mike Lowell
Rangers: Scott Baker, Craig Hansen & David Murphy


Colletti might be crazy enough to surrender a top prospect for him. Loney? It's the same logic for Boston in acquiring Teixera in that they could slide Youk over to 3B. With the way Lowell's hitting, Colletti might see him as the big bat they need to take the NL West this year.

I just don't see it happening. The only way the sox consider trading him is if someone like Teixiera is comig there way. That would take a lot of moving pieces, and i just doubt its legitimacy.

I just don't see the playoff bound red sox trading one of the two guys (the other being Youk) that have really carried the team to where they are. Do they want to be weaker come the playoffs?

I expect the Sox to make a lesser deal for relief help using someone like Willy Mo, Hinske, or Brandon Moss (maybe coupled with underachiever like DelCarmen or Hansen). Otherwise, if it ain't broke, why fix? This team (if healthy) is a world series contender.

Could Kevin Towers sneak in to fleece the Red Sox by using the hyped-up Linebrink to snag Pena & Hansen? He could even throw a ML-quality AAA reliever like Andrew Brown or Royce Ring, neither of whom have the upside of Hansen.

Yes, I think Kevin Towers could certainly get that deal from Theo. Linebrink would be an upgrade over Timlin in the RH setup man spot and asking for Pena and Hansen would not be a problem. Have fun with Wily Mo's defense in Petco.

Going back to that 3 way trade:

Red Sox: Teixiera
Twins: Lowell
Rangers: Baker, Hansen, Murphy and another prospect, such as Kotteras (I seem to want to trade him today), or a B level SP. I'm sure Texas would want more, but I don't know if teams are going to be willing to meet their asking price better than this.

I wonder if the Sox could work in Gagne/Otsuka into these discussions as well. That would be quite the big deal.

I doubt Towers gets Linebrink for Pena and Hansen. He fleeced Theo with the Mirabelli/Meredith+Bard deal but there was some desperation there that doesn't exist now.

What are the chances that someone takes a chance at signing Lowell to a contract in the offseason as a shortstop. The quality of shortstops in this years market is less than desireable and teams such as the Cardinals and White Sox may opt to give Lowell a shot there over the options they have now, who will ask for nearly the same amount of money.

Yea but us Pads got "fleeced" in the original mirabelli loretta deal. I don't see us trading away any of our current bullpen if when we are still in the hunt come end of july.

If for some strange reason the Pads would have traded peavy for lowell, I think I might have thrown up.

last time I checked, Mike Lowell wasn't a "big bat"

This isn't going to happen. It can't.
Rangers want top prospects for Teixeira and i question which team is actually going to give them up for a 1.5yr rental (no doubt he hits FA)

For a 3way deal to work, the Sox would give up prospects, and the Twins would have to give the rangers of something too, so they could get Mike Lowell? for half a year? come on.

Two way deal makes even less since, Lowell for half a year at half that salary for what?

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