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Twins May Target Wigginton

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Twins may target Ty Wigginton of the Devil Rays as a third baseman and DH with some power.  Wigginton makes less than $3MM and offers right-handed pop.  The Twins are tenth in the league with a .393 SLG.  They're even worse against southpaws, and Wigginton can definitely handle lefties.

Twins' 3Bs have hit .236/.319/.336, and the team's DHs have hit .256/.335/.365.  These areas should both be fairly easy deadline upgrades.  Minnesota is seven games out in the AL Central and 5.5 games out of the wild card.

Other potential cheap sources of DH power: Dmitri Young, Sammy Sosa, and Mike Sweeney.


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I think having Wigginton at third would solidify the Twins. Although he isnt as good of a fielder as nick punto, and isn't as fast, the twins need another power hitting right hander other than cuddyer and hunter. As wigginton would then play third, the twins could put putno in a utility role where he seems to be comfortable.

I personally think the twins should still go after garret atkins. They have the prospects to trade and still maintain their elite farm system. Why not try to get atkins to put together with cuddayer, mauer, and morneau, and also allow atkins bat too be a replacement for hunter's once he leaves for free agency. For all of these reasons, I think the twins should definitely think long term instead of stop gap

Wiggy might be in for the long haul with the Rays. Versatility and power have kept him on the team and he's earned the right to stick with this club for the future. Jorge Cantu might be a better fit for Minn seeing as the Rays would be trading him on the cheap and he can play a little 3rd. Not well, but Wiggy might hang around in Tampa as a DH/2B/3B/1B. In that order. With Longoria coming up and Iwamura here to stay, that means Cantu has got to go sometime soon.

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