Backwards Center Field Trade Bait

Most of Joel Sherman’s column today is filled with the Mark Teixeira stuff you’ve been reading about everywhere else.  (I, for one, am now absolutely sure of how to spell Tex’s name.  A couple of weeks ago?  Not so much.)

But, there are two tidbits buried in the column that are interesting both on their own and juxtaposed.

First, Sherman corroborates Buster Olney’s claim that the Yankees are hot after Dan Johnson.  But he gives us more: Billy Beane asked for Brett Gardner and was rejected.  Uh, Brett Gardner?  Useful player, perhaps, but the Yanks are interested in Johnson because he’s a useful player too, and one who is a lot more likely to help them this year (and next, too, in all likelihood).  Sherman interprets that as New York’s new protectiveness of their prospects.  Too bad there isn’t another ~$15M rental like Bobby Abreu out there this year … unless you count Richie Sexson, whom I don’t.

Second, he repeats the common Gerald Laird-to-the-Cubs refrain, but adds a twist:

The Cubs have interest in Laird and Rangers relievers, and might include center field prospect Felix Pie to get that.

I suppose Laird + Eric Gagne might merit Pie.  Maybe.  It would certainly make the Cubs more credible contenders immediately, but…Felix Pie? 

What an odd world it is, when Brett Gardner is off the block, and Felix Pie is on.

By Jeff Sackmann
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