Dunn To Brewers Rumor Quashed

Radio rumors are among the most dubious, because I can’t confirm unless I heard the report myself or a trusted person communicated it to me.  So when I heard of a few thirdhand reports of an Adam Dunn to Milwaukee radio rumor, I remained skeptical.

I still haven’t talked to anyone to learn which specific person at SportsRadio 1250 initiated this rumor, but it doesn’t seem completely fabricated given that ESPN picked it up.  The scenario:

The Reds would trade Adam Dunn to the Brewers for Tony Gwynn Jr., Matt Wise, and an unknown infield prospect.  Wise is solid, and Wayne Krivsky likes relievers.  But the bounty still seems too small for the best available slugger.  The other red flag is that Wise and Gwynn continued to play in today’s game after the rumor surfaced.

Fortunately, Jerry Crasnick spoke to Doug Melvin and confirmed that there’s nothing to this trade rumor.

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