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Graziano On Greinke, Pettitte

Good stuff today from Dan Graziano of the Newark Star-Ledger.  Here's my summary:

  • Beyond the Cubs, Graziano lists the Braves, Dodgers, and Diamondbacks as teams interested in pitcher Zack Greinke.  If the initial asking price for Octavio Dotel was as high as reported, I can't imagine what Dayton Moore would want for Greinke.
  • Graziano's Dotel suitors: Cubs, Dodgers, and Brewers.  The Red Sox, Rockies, and Indians have been mentioned by other sources.  Quite a market for this guy.
  • David Weathers is seen as the poor man's Dotel/Gagne.  Let's see if Wayne Krivsky can get something useful for him.  Stormy makes another $2.75MM in '08 before his contract is up.
  • The Mets are mostly focused on a power relief arm, as Roy Oswalt and Dontrelle Willis are said to be unavailable.  I have no idea why Willis keeps getting lumped in with Oswalt; they are nowhere near equal.  Graziano says the Mets still like Javier Vazquez but the White Sox keep trying to pawn off Jose Contreras instead.
  • The Braves are trying to deal for southpaw reliever C.J. Wilson of the Rangers.  The 26 year-old has an undeserved 2.81 ERA right now.  His control has been worse this year, so he'd have to remain unhittable to be effective.
  • The Mariners inquired on Andy Pettitte, but the Yankees aren't giving up yet.


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C.J. Wilson has been one of the toughest relievers on lefties this year. That's why the Braves want him.

They probably are also trying to find RP guys who arent getting a ton of demand from other teams so they can get them rather cheap (no bidding war). Wouldnt be a bad pickup at all...

As far as the Mets, even if they could get a Power Arm for the rotation, what would they do with all their other starters? Who do they drop since they are all overproducing at about the same rate? A bullpen arm is whats needed more anyway isnt it?

Tough luck for the Marlins. This would be the perfect time to trade Willis, but he's having the worst season of his career and is limping towards the deadline.

I doubt Florida will give him up in a bargain deal based on his numbers this year, and I don't see any team trading for him based on his top years. Looks like Florida will be holding on to him for awhile longer.

I still think Vazquez for Milledge is inevitable, and that Contreras will end up somewhere else for a B prospect, or a B+ prospect with cash.

Milledge and What???? for Vasquez. Get real.

I would very much rather have Octavio Dotel in a Cubs uniform than Scott Eyre. But who would the Cubs trade for Dotel.

Would veal and maybe patterson get it done? I would do that if I were the Royals...probably too much for a rental if you are the cubs...

See if they bite on Veal and Murton...then I'd do it if I'm the Cubs, but not if I'm the Royals....

I think the Cubs would be fleeced in any trade that would actually get them Dotel. If they were asking Salty...don't bother.

"The Mariners inquired on Andy Pettitte, but the Yankees aren't giving up yet."

Just the idea of a team making the call to see if the Yankees want to start dumping parts on July 19 brings a smile to my face. It looks like they're coming this time, for real Boston. Objects in rearview mirrors are closer then they appear. I still think its doubtful they catch Boston, but lets just say stranger things have happened.

the yanks are 7 back r/n (although they're currently losing and boston is winning). the astros almost made that margin up in about 10 days last september; the yanks have about 2 months.

the idea of the yankees being sellers at the dealine is pretty funny though. i don't think there would be enough people in the organization for steinbrenner to get rid of if that happened.

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